1 EGG 3 WAYS TO USE IT part 2

Sorry friends  for leaving my post incomplete . I am so busy these days that i even forgot to shop . My days have been so looooooooooooooong.I managed to get up early in the morning to complete this post .



1. Take egg white in a small bowl

2. Add some besan / gram flour to it.

3 .Apply a thin layer over face & you are done .

4. Wait for 15 -20 mins for washing.

This pack will help you to control oiliness & blackheads .


1. Take the remaining egg white & yolk .

2. Add  a spoon of olive oil to it.

3 .Mix well & apply to scalp .

4 .Use a shower cap to cover stinky , greasy hair .

5 .Keep it for 30 mins .Then wash it with mild shampoo.

This hair pack helps to controle the dry , frizzy ,poofy hair helping it to become healthy.

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3 thoughts on “1 EGG 3 WAYS TO USE IT part 2”

    1. Yes aaradhya , it works wonders .For odor try adding essential oils or henna to it . They help to some extent though you can not fully avoid it

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