LOVE JEANS?6 tips to take care of it

Hi beauties , if you like me , love denim, this post is for you. I do not know how many of you suffer from this problem but finding a perfect pair of jeans is a big task for me. I seldom find a pair with perfect size,fit,shade  & cost .  That is why it is important for me to take care of the very rare best denim piece i own. If you do not take care properly jeans will lose their color ,beauty & liveliness. They look old ,faded and ragged.

So here are some tips by which you can take care of your favorite pair of jeans & prevent their aging.



I know you have freshness and cleanliness issues , but it is not advisable to wash jeans frequently. If you have a habit of washing it after every use , it is time to reduce the frequency now .Wash it after 3-4 usages. Instead after each use hang it in shade for 15 mins followed by sun for 45 mins.


You can use some remedies for preventing your jeans from losing their color. For washing to a tub of cold water add spoon full of salt & lemon juice. Soak jeans for few mins then wash it. You can use vinegar instead.( i use vinegar) .



I know for lazy people like you and me it is extremely difficult but hand wash is healthier for your favorite jeans. Moreover ,it is eco friendly tooo. Add some fabric conditioner in the end.


I know this tip looks weird but try this . Once you wash it & dry it place your jeans in some polythene keep that in fridge for 1 hr before keeping back in closet.


Do not keep it too long in same folds ,change the folding pattern frequently .Otherwise there  some discoloration takes place in those long term folds.



Colored jeans are pretty famous now. If you have one be careful with it’s color. Use only mild detergent . Use fabric conditioner too.

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