Crazy PRE Wedding photoshoot

Hi friends ……Howz life???  Mine is full of work and fun (fun at work……) .Yesterday while digging my old pics , i came across these and thought how crazy they were.

To announce our wedding date  in Facebook we ( actually me ) opted for ‘wedding date pics’ .But as the idea came suddenly and there was no time ( as well as money…) left for a ‘professional photoshoot’ , we went for a DIY Pre wedding photoshoot.  We uploaded these once a week from May 7th .You can see my FB profile and those pictures here .






For this crazy pre wedding photoshoot.

Idea ,makeup & styling by  me,me,meeee.

Photography  credits    – my  younger brother

Property   credits          -my two sisters

Cooperation credits     to lovely Mr. Husband.

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