8 New Fashion In Lingerie That You Should Try


Those are the old days when women grabbed what they got when it comes to lingerie. They never bothered about the style, fashion, material and either they were keen in knowing what brand they brought. At present, women are more outward and does not move away shyly if they want to ask for what they are looking for when it comes to lingerie.

Lingerie and fashion goes hand in hand now. A lot of new styles are fascinating women a lot, which offers a lot of great comfort and also sexy looks. Numerous new styles are getting introduced each day. With all these advancements, we have seen a very good change in the mindset of the people when it comes to picking the lingerie and also their attitude towards trying out new styles.

A lot of online portals that caters to all your lingerie needs have boomed up to the next level, making it one of the biggest platforms for online shoppers who love to experiment more on their lingerie styles. These portals get them the best and the latest collections in lingerie, which they had once dreamt of owning. So, which are the latest trends in lingerie at present? Listed below are the 8 new fashions in lingerie that you should try if you are a true lingerie lover…

1.Sexy Back Slip Bras




Bras are always meant for comfort. Style and fashion complimented it. Now things are different. Women look for sexy look, style and fashion along with comfort. This has resulted in the latest trend of having sexy back slips on bras. These back slips are laced ones which add an extra. These bras are really cool when you wear them with any of your western outfit.

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2.Candy Plunge Lace Bralette



Candy Plunge Lace Bralette is yet another in the latest collection. It supports and lifts your bust, and it accentuates the neckline as well. Latest in the house of lingerie fashion, grab them at affordable price online via Jabong.

3.Scandalous Sheer Lace Underwired Bra



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Scandalous Sheer Lace Underwired Bra is also one of the latest collections on bras. Lined with lace material, it comes in various colors as well that it offers you great comfort, style and fashion. Embrace this in your lingerie must have list.

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4.Strapless Bandeau Bra



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As mentioned, they are strapless bras, which are lightweight and offer more comfortability. It comes with removable pads, which makes you love your lingerie more.

5.Wire Free Plunge Bra

These bras are super soft, smooth, comfortable and lightweight. Backless styles are also available in this category of fashionable bras. It amplifies your self confidence when you’re wearing a backless dress.

6.Snug Sexy Wireless Bra

This fashionable bra which has a plunging neckline is best suited for low cut necks and you will not feel any discomfort even if you are wearing a sexy and hot attire.

7.Allure Invisi Bra

Seamless collections from Allure give you the perfect cup sized bras, which makes you feel more comfortable. They have full cover as well as medium cover models, which can picked according to your choices.

8.Ultra Boost Multiway Push Up Bra


Bahia Notícias


It features underwired cups and soft push up padding for extreme lift. The supportive and broader wing band hides body fat and removes bumps. So, ultimately it gives you that sexy look you longed for!

It features underwired cups and soft push up padding for extreme lift. The supportive and broader wing band hides body fat and removes bumps. So, ultimately it gives you that sexy look you longed for!!



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