5 Papaya home remedies

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This post was due a week back, but I was in a mild depression and had hectic work. Went through a brief phase of ‘ Blogger’s block’. Not that I had nothing to write, I was not in mood to write.

Coming back to the post, Papaya is my one of the fav fruits. It is rich in Vit A and Papain which are good for skin.


1.Papaya scrub.

Paste Papaya, add a pinch of rice flour and half spoon honey. This scrub helps the skin in brightening.

2. Papaya acne pack

To a spoonful Papaya paste, add a pinch of basil leaves powder and spoonful raw milk. Apply it to face and wash it in 15 mins.

3. Papaya moisturizing face pack.

To a table spoon Papaya paste, add a spoonful aloe vera paste, half spoon honey. Mix them into a thick paste. Apply and wash it after 10 mins.

4. Papaya skin lightening face pack.

To Papaya paste, add spoonful lemon juice, a pinch of moong dal powder.
After application, wait till it gets completely dry.
Use this twice a week for a lighter and even skin tone.

5. Papaya anti aging face pack.

Break egg, separate egg white. Add it to Papaya paste. Mix well till it becomes even in consistency.
Apply the mixture and wash it after 20 mins.
Use regularly twice a week to reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

Hope you find these helpful..

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