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Hello Girls, Hope you all are doing good… This is Manasa, I already introduced myself with you guys in my last post… I was very glad about your views and comments on my post … Because of your encouragement I would like to share my Hong Kong Trip experience with you guys….

Travelling is a great refreshment for all, especially who love to Travel a lot like me… I really enjoyed my last year New Year trip to Madame Tussauds, Hong Kong.

It was nice experience to watch wax statues and Victoria peak.

Why Madame Tussauds got so much of popularity?

Being  common people we don’t get any opportunity to meet the famous person.

Every one dreams to take a snap with their favorite star, celebrity or a leader .

This is the only place where we feel that the famous people are waiting for us to take a snap.

You don’t believe!! It’s difficult to distinguish it’s a Wax Statue or a real person.

We actually need to touch them to make the difference.

It’s a great work by the Madame Tussauds and highly appreciated..

To visit Madame Tussauds we need to travel to the Victoria peak by Tram.



Peak Tram takes you to the Victoria Peak. Though private vehicle is an alternate transport option but by Tram it’s a good experience.



New year time is a celebration time.It was really  crowded and it took 3 hours for our turn. The traveling time will be around 10-15 minutes.


We reached Victoria Peak around 5 PM…


Here comes the Madam Tussauds museum

As it is too difficult to share every photo I decided to share few important ones.







Lucky to take a pic with the Perfect couple ( Of course i am speaking about the luck of Jolie and Pitt )
Lucky to take a pic with the Perfect couple ( Of course i am speaking about the luck of Jolie and Pitt )
At first glance can you differentiate ?
                                                                At first glance can you differentiate whether he is real or not?







Even Obama thinks I am more worthy to be on President's seat
                                                                      Even Obama thinks I am more worthy to be on President’s seat



Madonna dances for my beat
                                                                                                         Madonna dances on my beat






This is one of    my





favorite picture with my husband….

They created this beautiful Love background at peak…

Love is on the peak
Love is on the peak


And its Me @ PEAK


Hong Kong  Night View From Victoria Peak.Isn’t it is simply amazing..?

This trip was really a wonderful experience… We spent around 6 hours at Victoria peak…

To our disappointment there were no Indian restaurants at the peak so forced to have dinner at The Burger king.

We came back to Hong Kong by Tram at around 12 PM


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Hello Girls, Hope you all are doing great… To introduce myself briefly I am an engineer and a ‘makeup lover’ . Mythili has been asking me for few days to write something for blog.  Finally , i came up with this.

Today I am going to share the Eye makeup Tips for the beginners. Eyes are most beautiful asset for  girls. You can enrich its look by small tips which I provide you below These are ‘non elaborated’ basic tips .In near future ,i intend to do detailed ‘eye-makeup ‘ tutorials.

1.To Hide the Dark Circles:

Dark circles can make your face looks dull.  Unfortunately 8 /10 adult women have these . So precautions need to be taken to before they appear fully .(  Mythili has written two amazing posts on dark circles .For causes of dark circles –click here and for home remedies of dark circles click here  . Applying concealer under your eyes can help to hide dark circles. I applied Maybelline concealer stick to hide my dark circles. That worked pretty well for me .


2.Eye Shadow: Eye shadow helps to glamorize your eyes. Eye Shadow is applied on the eye lid. If you are new to eye makeup and  are not aware of how to use eye shadow brushes Just use your ring finger to apply eye shadow. Remember one thing apply eye shadow mainly  on the eyelid  over eye ball .

3.Eye Liner: Eye Liner makes your eyes  look bigger which brings charm to your face. Do not close your eyes while applying eye liner. Closing eyes can ruin the shape of eye liner. There are different types which we will discuss in further blog posts.

4.Kajal: Kajal helps to look your eyes more beautiful. Use good brand Kajal which stays for more time and doesn’t spread after some time. Personally I like the brand Faces or Maybelline Kajal. I will come up with the reviews of the products in future posts.

5.Mascara: Mascara separates your eye lashes and brings life to the eyes. When you don’t have enough time, just apply mascara and it brings unique impression to your face.

The products i used.


As i mentioned already ,these are the basic tips for the beginners and will let you know in detail in my further blog posts. Hope you guys get benefit of this post. This post is to inspire others to get started with make up 


 the completed look.

Thank you

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