Skin around the eyes is extremely thin ( 0.5 mm compared to the 2mm skin on entire face) which makes it a mirror to the underlying changes.Here are some of the ways to help you to prevent & reduce dark circles. WE already know reasons for dark circles .


sun-151763_640Do not let the sun get you.In addition to a good sunscreen never forget to use UV protected sun glasses  whenever you go out in the sun.


Stop too much crying or vigorous rubbing of eyes for the sake of your own eyes, if not for other reasons.


Sleeping-girlSound sleep can be the single most important solution for many problems.If can not solve, at least it can make us forget those problems temporarily. It helps the mind & body to revive from various stress factors.

Make a habit of sleeping at regular intervals, you can see the difference yourself.


images (7)

Do not indulge yourself in too much of caffeine.Stay away from smoke & smoking persons.Alcohol is also a “no, no”.


This is not just a problem of software professionals. all the youngsters are literally addicted to gadgets.

I know there is no way we can escape from this.But we can always take some precautions.

  1. Reduce extreme brightness & glare in the surroundings.
  2. Blink often.( DO NOT STARE THE SCREEN)
  3. look away every 20 mins ,look at a distant object for 20 secs.
  4. Take frequent breaks.
  5. Give intermittent cool compressions to eyes.( i do this once every 4 hrs ,believe me it really helps.)

Choose a green wallpaper or keep your surroundings green.Green colour is said to reduce the strain on eyes.




Eat food rich in vitamins A,C,E. Make sure to include fresh fruits,veggies,sprouts ,lentils ,yogurt in the diet.

Drink plenty of water.


Do some breathing exercises ( i prefer pranayama ). They help in reducing stress and they also improve circulation.


cream-194116_640There are various types of eye creams available in the market.You need to choose one according to your budget & requirement.

For thinning of skin -Use a collagen containing cream.

For vascular issues -Use cream with green tea / caffeine /grape seed extracts.


i already discussed some home remedies to help you with dirty circles.One simplest technique i use daily is to apply drops of almond oil to eye area before sleeping .You can use coconut oil instead. But be gentle , do not massage with pressure.

Rose water can do wonders too. Take some drops of rose water on cotton and apply to eye area.

10.MEDICAL HELP stethoscope-33520_640

For pigmentation problems, harmonal problems , allergies you might want to go your physician.



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In the previous post i discussed about the various reasons that make you depressed with dark circles. As i promised i came up with some remedies for dark circles.




  1. For this all you need is one potato & a cucumber.
  2. Grate both of them.
  3. Strain the grated mixture to extract juice.
  4. Fill that juice into ice tray ,then be patient .
  5. Take out those cubes ,wrap them in a cloth.

Choose a peaceful time to put them on to your stressed eyes till those cubes melt completely and you are pretty much soaked. (That is 10-15 mins)

Potato has some bleaching properties to help with hyper pigmentation.Cucumber soothes and relieves stress.Use this for twice -thrice a week, till u are done with those dark circles.


  1. Take a tomato to extract some juice .
  2. Add some lemon juice & a pinch of turmeric.
  3. Mix them into a thick paste .
  4. Apply it  & keep it for 20 mins.

Use it everyday , u can see results in 2 wks.



  1. Take some mint leaves , make them into thick paste or extract some juice.
  2. Add lemon juice to it.
  3. This is the same for everything, apply to affected areas.

Leave for 15-20 mins ,then wash it off.





  1. Take some saffron threads soak them overnight in milk.
  2. Make a thick paste .

Apply it on affected areas ,then wash off after 15 mins.

These are extremely good methods .Though i do not have any dark circles, i advised my friend’s sister’s friend (yes, she asked my friend for my number and called me) these methods.She called after a month to tell me that they worked. But make sure u are not suffering from any medical conditions which are making u vulnerable for dark circles.


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SHADOWS IN OUR LIFE-10 most important reasons for dark circles.

download (7)Don’t you just love pandas?With its circular eyes & dark patches around eyes, it looks simply adorable. But problem comes ,when we start to get those dark circles. We look tired,old and sometimes ugly.They are really blood vessels or leaked blood under the skin.There are many reasons for dark circles ,here are some important ones.


If your parents have those nasty circles ,chances of your getting them are really high.


Aging causes loss of collagen from skin,thinning of skin, loss of under eye volume.All  or any of these can give u circles.


Over exposure to the sun not only increases melanin production , it also hastens the aging process with its UV rays.


People who suffer from allergies tend to have more irritated and dry eyes. Along with the disease sometimes the medication used for treatment can also contribute to formation of dark circles.


Pigmentation diseases like MELASMA  or systemic harmonal imbalances can cause hyper pigmentation skin under the eyes.

6.EXCESSIVE CRYINGzakera_monday_crying_wip_by_krosskothen-d563fyf

Excessive crying irritates and exhausts our beautiful eyes.It can also induce dryness of eyes and skin around the eyes.


Prolonged uninterrupted usage of gadgets strains eyes.


From adolescence we need to have at least 8 hrs of sleep daily.Thanks to our busy schedules ,most of the people do not even have 6 hrs of daily sleep.In addition Stress  both physical and mental has its effects on body and beauty.


Diet deficient in Vitamin A,C,E decreases the rejuvenating capacity of the skin and speeds up its aging.


From adolescence we need 8 hrs sleep in the least .But thanks to our schedules, we hardly get 6 hrs of sleep.Get ready to encounter your circles.


Excessive intake of caffeine,  smoking, alcohol intake ,habit of less fluid intake can act hand in hand with other agents to produce those ugly circles.

for some d.i.y. s to help with dark circles click


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 front view                                      IMG_9207

RAMAPPA is a kind of place which actually fulfills the requirement of every visitor . It has picturesque beauty , a famous temple , a grasping art , a huge lake and centuries of history.(pardon me , if the order of descriptions seems improper). Overall , for a first time visitor  ,definitely  it holds a ‘wow factor’.

The place has been named after the sculptor ‘RAMAPPA’. He seems to be the only sculptor in the world to gain this kind of honor. It was built in the period of Ganapathi Deva(of Kakathiya dynasty),by a general Recherla Deva in 13th century.

                                    There are  two temples sitting next to each other. They  depict typical delicate Kakathiya art. The bigger temple has been built on a star shaped elevation ,which is about 7 ft from the ground. Exterior has some rock cut elephants, apsaras and famous NAGIN which  inspired some next generation sculptors. The carved dancers in the walls and pillars  helped the revival of PERINI SHIVATHANDAVAM , a classical from the time of kakathiyas. IMG_20150315_150203exterior


The interior is even more interesting, there are pillars which are carved from floor to ceiling. On one pillar a sculpture can produce sounds similar to indian classical music. On other one there are 5 dancers next to each other with only a count of 8 legs, but when we consider each dancer individually each seems to possess 2 legs.( I think I am very bad at describing things.) .


The roof shows various episodes from indian mythology. Though it is huge and looks heavy,It is said to be able to float in water. Of course , there is no way we can test that.


Opposite to the temple there is  another raised platform with enormous Nandi.

How to reach

IT is about 75 kms from Warangal. You can reach only by road. Telangana tourism is offering services to ramappa.

What to do

It has a temple ,surrounding greenery ,a lake where boating is offered. As a family vacation , weekend getaway u can plan to visit  along with laknavaram ,which is located just 15 kms from Ramappa.

Where to eat

Only decent place to dine with families here is HARITHA RESTAURANT  by Telangana tourism. Food is O.K. You can find dhabas only at a distance of 10-15 kms.

r (1)another view from side



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Face wash is the most important part of our skin care routine. The biggest mistake most busy girls make is to take this step for granted.That could make your skin react badly and yourself repent badly. Even the people who follow this regularly fail to do it in a proper way.HERE are some tips to help u to get a clean skin.

1.Know your skin

It is very important to know the type of your skin to use any kind of skin products. If u have acne prone skin u might want to use face wash with special ingredients.Dry skin beauties need a creamy wash. If u are not sure which one to use always go with a mild wash which is non allergic & non comedogenic.

2.Say “no” to soapfhhf curd-soap-155969_640

Do not fall into the trap of so called “BEAUTY SOAPS “.Most of these kinds are not pH balanced ,which is not advisable for facial skin which is quite sensitive compared to the body skin.

3. Clean hands. 2254327579_1757620826

Make sure to clean hands before u touch your face to prevent infection spreading  . Hands are the  common source of microbes going to face.

4.Appropriate temperature of water

Using suitable temperature is equally important. In the first step use lukewarm to warm water ,it helps to loosen up the dirt settled in pores. Follow it with facial cleanser. In the end splash some cold water.Make sure the water is not extremely hot.That makes skin dry.

5.No rough job.

Do not ever be rough with face.Face has very sensitive skin which gets irritated by rubbing vigorously.Before applying soap to face ,make rich lather with your hands.

6.Follow directions

Start with forehead proceed to cheeks ,gently massage with outward circles . End with chin and neck.

7.Take time

Do not rush .Take time to massage for minimum of 30 sec-1 min.

8.Don’t forget makeup .

Make sure to remove make up with remover because face wash is not enough for removing all the make up.Make up residue in the skin leads to baaaaaa…..d breakout.

This is all i can tell u.If you have more ideas,let me know.

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Blackheads are problematic to any age group, but teenagers and young adults are more prone to it.

Blackhead (open comedone )is actually a mixture of dead skin & sebum oxidized to become black. Though they are mainly concentrated around forehead and nose,they can involve most other parts of the body as well.


1.Cosmetics 2.Lack of skin care 3. hormones 4.Stress .

Whatever the cause is we have some remedies here to help you.

1. Pore strips

Pore strips can be a solution if u are really too busy to mess with powders or other stuff.I have two other posts to make the topic about pore strips clearer.You can click here & here.

2.steam it out

Steam is  a routinely practiced technique,which helps in dislodging sebum plugs easily .Steam for 5-10 mins twice a week. Follow with a scrub or mask  to increase it’s effectiveness.

3.Bake it


I’m sure everyone of u have baking soda in   water.Gently massage for 2-3 mins. Make sure to be gentle because it could be harsh.I do not advice this to people with sensitive skin. I used it with some success.

4.Cinnamon + Lemon

Lemon                  cinnamon-92594_640

Take some spoonful of cinnamon powder ,mix with same amount of lemon juice. Apply over the affected areas .Try to cope with the tingling or even slight burning sensation for 10-15 mins.Wash it.

Use at least twice a week.

5.Yummy Tomato

It is quiet simple.Take one tomato , cut it into half .Eat one half. Yeah , really i asked u to eat.

Now take the other half and rub on your face for 5 mins.Then let that become dry for  a while & wash it.I use it almost every other day.Try it, if it can not help you with blackheads at least it reduces greasiness of face.

6. Lemon & Honey

This is the most amazing ,simple & multi purpose face pack. It works amazingly for blackheads too.Only problem is u need to resist yourself from licking your face

7. Turmeric & mint.

Take some leaves of mint juice them or paste it.Add some turmeric to it. You can use this all over face.This gives a very good feeling to face.Wait for 10 mins.In addition to help with blackheads it also brightens the skin

8. EGG White        White_chicken_egg

Egg produces excellent results both inside & outside the body. Egg white does many things to face and one of them is fighting blackheads. For the next 15 mins ,if u are like me ,close your nose.

9. Oatmeal

If u do not have oatmeal  in powdered form use boiled & mashed oats instead. Take a spoonful of oatmeal then add honey.

Use this mixture as a scrub for 2-3 mins.Then keep it for 10 mins as a face  mask.Use twice a week for a 4 weeks for visible results.

10.Tone it up.

use this toner regularly to reduce & prevent blackheads.

Take 1/4th cup of apple cider vinegar add 3/4 th cup of green tea (cooled down ,of course).

This will give a cupful of toner .Keep it in refrigerator & u can use it for 1 week.

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Using pore strips is one of the easiest ways for blackheads. But getting all those plugs from pores needs some care.Here are some steps to help u get best from a pore strip.download (3)

  1. Wash face with your favorite cleanser.
  2. Give it steam for at least 5 mins.If u can not use steam ,do this at the end of a hot shower
  3. Apply pore strip to nose.
  4. Waiting time depends on the type of pore strips used(for homemade pore strips click here )

Once u peel off your strip ,make sure to apply moisturizer of ur choice.download (6)


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images Whether u are concerned about chemical adhesives or even the price of those pore strips available in the market,it’s not a problem. Bcoz I am going to tell you 3 easy ways to make your own pore strips. In each method u r going to need cotton pads/tissue paper/paper towels according to your convenience and availability.kleenex-5610_640tissue-paper-390350_640

Method 1-This method needs a microwave.

  • Take equal amounts of honey +milk & mix well.
  • Microwave the mixture for 10sec.
  • Wait till it’s temperature becomes acceptable to skin
  • Apply it to the affected areas.
  • Before it gets dried,apply cotton pad (or tissue/paper towel)
  • Application must be gentle but firm
  • Wait for at least 20mins before u consider peeling it off

Method 2-

  •  Take equal amounts of powdered cinnamon and honey &mix well
  • Apply that paste to affected areas.

Follow by applying cotton pad.                Then          Peel it of  cinnamon-stick-514243_640honey-341566_640

Method 3-       All  u need is an egg.

  • Take an egg break & separate its white.
  • Apply it to the affected areas ,u can even apply it to the whole face.
  • Use  tissue paper  pieces to cover those areas & re apply egg white over the tissue.
  • Wait for a minimum of 30 mins for proper results.

If you want to know the way to get best results from pore strips I all post a link here.

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Though the age of TELANGANA as a state is less than a year, the history and heritage of it ,  dates back to hundreds of years  .

So when we were thinking of a post wedding photo shoot we ( me & rakesh ) and our photographers unanimously agreed for locations around WARANGAL.

Warangal is the place where we both were “born & brought up” as doctors. So it was  so exiting to go back to the place where we first met. We know almost every corner of that place and we tasted in every restaurant and road side stall. So obviously WARANGAL is the first place i want to introduce.

Warangal , a city with it’s own stories , culture , nature , festivals and art . It is an important educational , financial and cultural focal point in the state of Telangana , which is loacted around 150 Kms from Hyderabad .    And this city is going to occupy a few more posts in the near future . It’s not only because i love it , but also because there is lot tell . IMG_9791               IMG_9352