4 Home remedies for beautiful elbows


We all take lot of care for face, hands , feet. But elbows are neglected most. Black rough elbows might be problematic, especially for those who spend their time resting elbows on some surface.

Follow these awesome tips for beautiful, soft elbows.

  1. Curd + Almond powder

    Add a half spoon of almond powder to a spoonful curd.

    Make a paste.

    Massage this paste on elbows for 5 mins.

    Leave that mixture on elbows for 10 mins and then wash.


  1. b) Curd + Besan

    You can use besan for the same above plan.

  2. Lemon and sugarhome remedies for itchy scalp

    This is one pretty simple recipe.

    Cut the lemon into half, you need only one half.

    Add some brown sugar ( or whatever sugar you have) to the inside of cut piece.

    Rub this on the rough elbow skin.

    This helps as a scrub to smooth down the skin and also to whiten the skin on elbows.

  3. Turmeric

    Take some raw milk, add a pinch of turmeric to it.

    Apply this to the effected part as a pack and leave for 15 mins.

    Do this regularly for great results.

    b) To a pinch of turmeric, add a pinch of sandalwood powder, spoonful rose water.

    Apply this on elbows and wait for 15 mins before washing.

  4. Massage

    with alovera gel ( You can use a stem directly) or coconut oil daily twice if the problem is worse.

    Hope you find these tips helpful.. Stay tuned for more tips….

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The child in me@ Rail museum, Mysore.

The Rail Museum, Mysore is the 2nd of such kind in India. Later almost  in every major city, they started them. However, Rail museum in Hyderabad has nothing much to offer. So we decided to visit this when we were left with few hours before train and almost finished every possible place in Mysore, we decided to visit this place.

The exhibits of railcar and Maharani’s carriage were the most interesting things which lured me.

It was a busy Monday morning. As it turns out, we were the only visitors and the place looked neglected by tourists. We were received gladly and were allowed to do whatever we wanted with the exhibits. As usual we played like kids and clicked lot of pictures.


A locomotive model
The austin rail car, which looks like a car from front and some carrier auto from behind
his ‘daku pose’
Rail museum, Mysore
Me in the bollywood style pose… This was the back of the inspection car which is now used as a ticket counter.
Wagon carrying coal.. My hands went black after this photo
Wagon carrying coal.. My hands went black after this photo
Bus car, it has only one coach with seats.. Driver and conductor will be there. You can ask the driver to stop wherever you want. Heard these are still running in some parts of Andhra Pradesh.
Bus car, it has only one coach with seats.. Driver and conductor will be there. You can ask the driver to stop wherever you want. Heard these are still running in some parts of Andhra Pradesh.
Maharani's couch..It has a kitchen with attached bathroom, writing table, wardrobe and dressing table; a maid's room and kitchen. Sad they did not allow anyone inside.
Maharani’s couch..It has a kitchen with attached bathroom, writing table, wardrobe and dressing table; a maid’s room and kitchen. Sad they did not allow anyone inside.
Don't touch me
Don’t touch me
Rail mUseum, Mysore
First railway line photo

Rail mUseum, MysoreBadges from various Railways

Photo: First ever railway line of India
That proud moment, Photo: First ever railway line of India



I traveled on this wonderful line..
I traveled on this wonderful line.. Read the full story here .

There is also a small children play area in the museum. No canteen or anything related to food. Kids will love this place. (I can assure you as I am one and I am living with one).

Stay tuned for more posts.

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Fab bag June 2016

I got the Fab bag June 2016 bag in July as I ordered late in June.  I was very much doubtful whether to subscribe or not and finally gave in. This bag is the Beauty addiction bag and has 4 products in it and I got a jewellery item as Fab bag June 2016a complimentary gift.


These are things i got in my Fab bag June 2016….

Fab bag June 2016

Skin yoga Coffee body scrub  ( Full size 845/-)

This is semi powdery mixture which completely looks like  regular coffee powder. The smell is heavenly. The scrub smakes the skin  soft from the first use itself.

Korite Buerre Pure shea butter ( 50gm 445/-)

Fab bag June 2016

It has a very smooth and buttery texture  ( which it is supposed to have) which I love.

Fab bag June 2016

B:Blunt  Spotlight Hair Polish ( 250 rs / 30ml)

I am very excited about this product as I wanted to buy this earlier.

Fab bag June 2016

Be a bombshell Eye shadow crayon- The boss ( Full size 1200/-)

When they asked me to select a shade, I selected a black one. But ended up getting this instead. This is a golden shade.The thing I love about the crayon is that it  glides smoothly on skin and has a very beautiful golden shade.

I also got this Style fiesta accessory as a complimentary.

Fab bag June 2016

The cost is shown as 499/-

Over all I am happy with the bag as I got these many goodies.

9 things to do in your Papikondalu trip

Hello friends!!!! This post is most probably my last post from the Papikondalu series…When i was reading the previous posts. I realized that I did not mention few things that we did. So, I wanted to compile things which you should not forget to do, if you are going to visit Papikondalu.

1.Eat Bamboo chicken

Papikondalu tripCredit

Bamboo chicken got its name from the process of making it. The  raw flesh of chicken, is pushed into the hollow parts  bamboo sticks after all the ingredients are applied to it. Then the bamboo sticks are cooked on burning coals.  I can not comment on taste as I am a vegetarian. But, They say the whole process gives it a wonderful and special taste.

2. Get religious:

The trips to Papikondalu are either from Bhadrachalam or from Rajamandry. Either way you can plan a visit to the temple in Bhadrachalam. There is a very famous temple for Lord Sri Rama in Bhadrachalam. There is also  an interesting story associated with the temple. Visit the temple and learn the story.

3. Learn Mythology

Papikondalu tripCredit

There is a place near Bhadrachalam called Parnashala where the episodes of Ramayana are depicted through colorful sculptures. They replicated few of the scenes from Ramayana. You can get  autos easily to get to this place.

4. Take a holy dip.

River Godavari is considered as one of the holy rivers in India.  Enjoy your dip here. Forget about holiness, you can simply have fun while taking bath in river.

5. Enjoy ‘River food’

You get various special types of fresh water fishes and other things cooked with a tribal touch.

6. Forget everything.

Put your head in your lap and simply relax. World will not stop working, if you stop thinking for two days.

7. Leave social media to others.

Life has become sooo meaningless without facebook and waatsapp. Go to this place, You will never get a damn signal, even if you want to post a selfie diving into the water.

8. Learn to live basic

You won’t get fast food, even soft drinks are rarely available. Forget about A.C, you won’t get a fan here in the accommodation. ( Read my experience here). Once in a while it is needed to learn to live with basics.

9. Buy Handicrafts and encourage them

Tribal  people here make  beautiful handmade things with bamboo. They are pretty cheap. Buy them at least to help those people.

Read my other posts about Papikondalu here, here and here.

Stay tuned for next posts.

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OOTD: Let’s jump in to the wilderness:Jump suit madness.

Few outfits are like that, they are very good and cool to look at. But wearing and managing could be trouble some. Like jump suits. They are super cool, cute, edgy, stylish but they cause lot of inconvenience. Especially to people like me, who take loads and loads of fluids.( I think you understand, it is very difficult to pee when you are in a jumpsuit)

wp-1467560984691.jpgJump suit

Meeeee and heeee
Meeeee and heeee

I have 3-4 jumpsuits and in spite of my love for them, I couldn’t wear them often for the same reason. Take this as an example. This jumpsuit was very comfy one ( I could literally jump freely), the material was soft. But then, the discomfort to pull the the dress all the way down every time you pee made me almost tearful.

This dress I have chosen for a mini safari in Kodaikanal. The day was chilly, so had to layer it up with my favorite denim jacket. I chose feathery earrings  and animal print sling bag to match the jungle theme. These tan sandals were comfy for walk in the forest. I kept my printed scarf with me as I usually do.

Dress:  Lifestyle

Sling bag and sandals: Streetstylestore

Ear rings: Ninteen

Bracelet: Forever 21

Stay tuned for next   posts.

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Wagah border, A special memory

Those who attended the  will know how “Once in a life” kind of experience that will give you goosebumps when you  witness the ceremony. I went to Wagah border while i was in my MBBS.

For those who know very little about it, Wagah is a village in the  road border crossing and goods transit terminal between  India and Pakisthan, located about 30km distance of Amritsar.

This place is known for the Wagah border ceremony which takes place everyday at the border gate, organized by military of both the countries.

Also known as beating retreat border ceremony, Wagah border ceremony takes place daily before sunset. There will be a parade by soldiers on both sides of iron gates. With the sunset, the iron gates separating both countries open and flags are lowered. Soldiers of both sides then shake hands with each other.

I really have no idea why but watching Wagah border ceremony is so exciting kinda experience. May be because of the seriousness of the issues between the two countries. We south Indians do not have the idea, how it feels to be in a border state.  We imagine the border villages to be  near battle fields (that might be the truth, of course).

Since childhood we were grown imagining Pakisthan a special country. The thought  that the other side also people sooo simple like you and me live made my heart fill with a warm feeling. ( I was just 19 then).

I could accumulate some special moments at the Wagah border ceremony. Just before the ceremony begins, soldiers encourage small kids ( say below 10yrs) to parade  with a flag in hands to the gate. Kids usually jump at this kind of opportunity. I was sitting with my friends and was watching all this. Suddenly a soldier looked at us and called some one . We got confused and started looking at each other. He then pointed at me and called again. I went closer and was shocked when I realized that he was asking me to join a bunch of kids. I was very thin and short then ( short now also) , I was dressed in a red top  with black  3/4 leggings. My friend playfully tied my hair into two pleats. I was exactly looking like an oversized 10 yr old (rather then an undersized medical student). My friends started cheering up for me. So, I joined the parade with a glee, went near the gate, waved at people sitting on the other side.

My friends clicked lot of pictures but unfortunately, I could not get them. Still trying to get some pictures.. Very happy to share my memory with you guys..

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10 Benefits of couple traveling

Get  intimate :

Cool breeze,caressing waves,  showering moon light. You can get endless possible  romantic situations which you share with your partner while traveling. Traveling together will invariably increase intimacy and strengthens the relationship.  Especially couple coming from arranged marriages. It is very odd to spend time with strangers. Honeymoons help them to come closer. I think that is the honeymoon is meant for.

It improves understanding.

Time spent together without others interference will help you understand each other better. You might never realize that your husband is a good photographer  or your wife is good in history otherwise.

Improves organizing skills:

You two are going to organize  your lives with each other. Start from planning a trip. It is not sooo simple. Work together, be a team.


couple traveling

Great time spent together will help for great bonding and attachment.

Manufacturing memories

It is not about just having fun, it  is about manufacturing new memories. Get them out of your memory box and enjoy for life.

Helps forget household worries and relax.

You might be waiting for promotion very long, you might have loads of loans to pay, you might have a torturing boss or maid. Take a trip and forget about everything for few days. You have your whole life with deal with issues.

Saves money.

Traveling together can save  a lot of money on transportation ( when you are using a private transport), on accommodation and others (like guide charges)

Personal photographer

all my good photos are taken by my husband
all my good photos are taken by my husband

Even  though very famous, selfies are not possible everywhere. If they are they might not look that good also. If you are two, you can take pics for each other. All my good pics were taken by my husband only.

Safety ( for female travelers)

We are advancing in so many things, but I still am not comfortable in traveling alone. It is not like my husband is a Bruce lee or something. Being with a man can keep troublesome people at a bay.

Handy at emergencies

You never know when you might fall sick or get into some accident. It is always better to have some one close to help us.


These are my top reasons to travel as a couple. If you have more or if you have other ideas, let me know.

Stay tuned for next   posts.

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SUGARBOX review: JULY 2016 edition

Hiiiiiii friends!!!!! Happpeeeeeeeee weekend!!!

It is always pretty good to get subscription boxes. I think the surprise element more than the goods, makes us drool over them. For my birthday I wanted to try another subscription box ( as you know I get Fabbag )  I browsed through many boxes and finally settled to this one.

Sugarbox is a subscription box which offers you apparel,  cosmetics, accessories and lifestyle products for 1499/- a month. I bought only this month’s bag for two reasons, I was not sure whether I was going to like it or not and another most important thing is my room in the hostel has no place for new things at present. ( It might sound silly but it is the sad truth).

This box is a huge box of this size. The theme is ‘Monsoon crush’.


They nicely decorated this box with satin ribbons. Like every other subscription boxes, a card welcomed me. After that, First thing I saw was this purse which looks like and says this Audrey Hepburn’s statement.


Second thing is this cute butterfly storage container and I got a Chocolate cake in it.


This printed umbrella is damn cool and seems to have every thing in the world printed on it. From Eifell tower to cutting chai.


These dior earrings are pretty, I already have them in black. I am not sure whether I like this color or not.

I got this fruit facial kit in pretty packaging.


This fringe Boho fringe shrug is adorable.


There is no price list mentioned. I can say I love this box and I might end up subscribing to this anytime.

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4 Home remedies for soft and smooth hands

For women it is always a challenge to maintain beauty of hands. Say it cooking, washing or even driving can make the skin of hands rough and dry. Here are 4 home remedies to help achieving soft and smooth ‘beauty soap ad wale’ hands. ( Remember the hand which applies soap in commercials)


1.To two spoons of lemon juice, add 2 spoons of honey. Apply this mixture to hands after washing. Wash after another 20 mins. Follow with a moisturizer or hand cream.

2.This mixture can be stored. Add equal amounts of glycerine, olive oil and lemon juice in a bottle. Store this in refrigerator. Apply this mixture twice daily to hands and gently massage.

This will give good amount of moisture and glow to the skin.

3. Make a liquid with equal amounts of lemon juice, coconut oil and rose water. Apply this to hands daily before sleep.

4. To one spoon of vinegar, add two spoons of  honey. Apply this to hands and wash it after half an hour. Follow with a moisturizer or hand cream

Use these remedies regularly without fail.

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OOTD: Pink blazer

Life is making my mind overwhelmed  with all kinds of work. Studying, counselings, monitoring patients, participating in research, presenting paper, attending boring lectures. All these things are keeping really really busy. Can you believe if I tell you that my last movie was October. Even my regular previous blogging has become very irregular. I am writing whenever I get some time. This is my Outfit post again.

Pink blazerPink blazerPink blazer

This is the outfit I chose for my outing in Ooty.

I wanted to wear some colorful Outfit which matches the Rose garden we were visiting that day. The blue dress is one of my favorite  dresses and I like to wear it as many times as possible.

This butterfly necklace was also one my favorites, since the time I bought it I had been trying to wear it. I thought that would match the Rose garden theme as well. The pink bag was my birthday gift. I paired the dress with those lovely gold sandals.

(Frankly speaking, I did not have any intention to use this jegging underneath. But everyone warned me that Tamilnadu is a very conservative place and people might feel offended by clothing. So I was forced to wear them)


Outfit details-

Pink blazer- Stalk buy love.

Blue dress- Mynthra

Neck piece- Crunchy fashion.

Hand bag- LYDC.