OOTD: The Fusion Gown

Hello darlings!!!! I am here with this month’s Outfit of the day post.. .

This outfit is my birthday outfit. This is a a kind of Indo- western  designer fusion  gown. In fact it was a kurtha which became a gown for my height.

Fusion gownFusion gownfusion gownfusion gownfusion gown

This is a bright orange colored dress with embellished neckline and a another embellishment like a  long brooch. This was so bright and good, all pictures came out wonderfully well. This I wore on my birthday of this year and in Hampi. I paired a golden metallic legging whic was almost invisible under the dress. The gold stone sandals were absolutely lovely.

The Egyptian rings are very pretty ( my perception) The rings were labelled by brother as protective rings as he says if I punch with them on my fingers the opposite person is going to suffer internal bleeding and organ rupture.

The earrings were very simple but elegant looking ones.


Orange  fusion gown/top: Bought from a friend who runs a store.

Metallic gold leggings & earrings : Thrifted.

Egyptian ring set                       : Youshine.com

Gold   bangle                            : Crunchy fashion

Gold sandals                             : Streetstyle store

Shades                                     : Power sunglasses from Vincent Chase.

OOTD: Let’s jump in to the wilderness:Jump suit madness.

Few outfits are like that, they are very good and cool to look at. But wearing and managing could be trouble some. Like jump suits. They are super cool, cute, edgy, stylish but they cause lot of inconvenience. Especially to people like me, who take loads and loads of fluids.( I think you understand, it is very difficult to pee when you are in a jumpsuit)

wp-1467560984691.jpgJump suit

Meeeee and heeee
Meeeee and heeee

I have 3-4 jumpsuits and in spite of my love for them, I couldn’t wear them often for the same reason. Take this as an example. This jumpsuit was very comfy one ( I could literally jump freely), the material was soft. But then, the discomfort to pull the the dress all the way down every time you pee made me almost tearful.

This dress I have chosen for a mini safari in Kodaikanal. The day was chilly, so had to layer it up with my favorite denim jacket. I chose feathery earrings  and animal print sling bag to match the jungle theme. These tan sandals were comfy for walk in the forest. I kept my printed scarf with me as I usually do.

Dress:  Lifestyle

Sling bag and sandals: Streetstylestore

Ear rings: Ninteen

Bracelet: Forever 21

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OOTD: Pink blazer

Life is making my mind overwhelmed  with all kinds of work. Studying, counselings, monitoring patients, participating in research, presenting paper, attending boring lectures. All these things are keeping really really busy. Can you believe if I tell you that my last movie was October. Even my regular previous blogging has become very irregular. I am writing whenever I get some time. This is my Outfit post again.

Pink blazerPink blazerPink blazer

This is the outfit I chose for my outing in Ooty.

I wanted to wear some colorful Outfit which matches the Rose garden we were visiting that day. The blue dress is one of my favorite  dresses and I like to wear it as many times as possible.

This butterfly necklace was also one my favorites, since the time I bought it I had been trying to wear it. I thought that would match the Rose garden theme as well. The pink bag was my birthday gift. I paired the dress with those lovely gold sandals.

(Frankly speaking, I did not have any intention to use this jegging underneath. But everyone warned me that Tamilnadu is a very conservative place and people might feel offended by clothing. So I was forced to wear them)


Outfit details-

Pink blazer- Stalk buy love.

Blue dress- Mynthra

Neck piece- Crunchy fashion.

Hand bag- LYDC.

Outfit: Red Lips

Some outfits are built around a single piece.. This was one of those. The main piece was obviously the cute  ‘red lips’ purse. I bought  this 2 yrs back and have been using this in multiple ways. This outfit was a simple one which I chose for an afternoon’s  stroll in Ooty.

Red lipsRed lipsRed lipsRed lips

The afternoon was warm and not too sunny. So, I chose this light dress and shoes. These earrings are very quirky and I simply love them.

Outfit Details:

Red lips purse:                   Dresslink.com

Blue skirt   and crop top : Online

Evil eye Ear cuffs            : Crunchy fashion.

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Latest love: Skirt with kurthi

Hello, my pretty friends!!!!!!


skirt with kurthi
From faaa…ar, i like this background.

skirt with kurthi

selfie with hubbie..
selfie with hubbie..
I was looking at something..but can not recall what it was
I was looking at something..but can not recall what it was….
Aaa..nd the selfieeee...
Aaa..nd the selfieeee…

The combination of skirt with kurthi rocked last year. I searched for a proper set of skirt with kurthi to suit me but was not able to find anything which would satisfy me.
I bought this skirt online through Amazon. It was fine when I saw it on the site. But later when I received it, it looked too loud in colors and print. Somehow I did not return it. Then it was a big task to find a kurthi matching the skirt.
After lot of search, located this top in Yepme. The color combination was born for my skirt.

Completed this look with Golden ethnic earrings, Golden shoes, straw purse.

Skirt – Amazon,

Kurthi- Yepme,

Earrings – Myntra,

Bangles-  Big bazar
Shoes and starw purse – Sarojini nagar market, Delhi.

TheHLabel – Affordable designer wear

TheHLabel – Affordable designer wear

Hello, friends!!!!!!!! I always feel that there is a significant gap between a common consumer and designer wear. One reason is availability the other reason is the price. TheHlabel is trying to bridge the gap, is a clothing website made with the designs of students of Fashion college “Hamstech”. The idea was to promote those budding designers.When I visited the website I could not believe it as the designs start from around 500 bucks. Seriously designer wear starting at Rs.500.

I was very glad. Though I always wanted to have designer wear it looked ridiculous spending thousands of rupees on simple things just because they have a designer tag. So when I first visited this site, I was pretty excited.

The layout is neat and simple. But I faced some technical issues like one dress appeared to be 0 rs while checking out. I continued to order as I thought it was some promotional offer. Then later realised it to be a technical error. Another problem I faced was with my ordered dress. Two days after ordering it, I got a call that ‘the product’ was out of stock. So I had to select another dress in the same price. With all the process it took >20 days for me to get the package. But it was Okay for me as it was a designer item and I am a patient person.

Another thing I forgot to mention is that I got a Rs.500 as a ‘first purchase discount’ . So I got a pretty dress and an awesome necklace for just Rs.1300.

The package is good and sturdy, the items came in a box labeled with ‘TheHlabel’.




I am satisfied with packing and very happy with products. The dress looks really cute with the bow.

I styled the dress completely black& white.
Necklace – very old one.
Belt,studded hairband- dresslink.com
Pearl sandals -streetstylestore.com

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This one I wore for last year’s trip to Papikondalu.
I used combination of bright red and bright blue ,the stripe top was used as a neutral piece to bring these two bright pieces together.



If you want to know more about the trip I went for with this outfit, press here


Red sheer high low top: online shopping.
Stripes top ,light blue denim: local shopping in karimanagar.
Shades : Vincent chase (prescribed )

Unusual Pairing ideas to make ethnic wear look chic modern

If you ask an Indian woman her all time choice, then wearing ethnic outfits is what she would usually prefer over other options available. But, wearing these ethnic wear in the same old and regular manner since such a long time can actually turn out to be as monotonous as eating a same dish in all your meals every day! With changing time and fashion, there has emerged a big need of changing the way we wear our all time favourite traditional outfits. And gradually many modifications are taking place in the fashion world!

Today, the trend has introduced us to a beautiful combination of culottes with a kurti or a straight salwar suit! Culottes are slowly taking over the regular leggings and churidars that women usually wear and are giving an edgy look to the entire ensemble. Apart from culottes, crop tops are also doing a great job in giving a chic stylish appeal. Wearing a crop with a lehenga skirt is running hot in fashion these days and while carrying this look you do not require to put on your dupatta for a better modern look.



Pulling on a modern tunic with an ethnic printed salwar is another style that is becoming popular amongst fashionable women. The trend of mixing western and traditional elements together has become the showstopper today and is receiving a lot of love from women of all age groups! Designer online salwar suits can also give you chic stylish look!


Embroidered blouses were a great hit at some point of time and today that time has come back again! Wearing a beautifully embroidered blouse with a high waist western skirt is what girls are going crazy about! Nobody would have even imagined of putting on a jumpsuit with a traditional touch. But, today’s fashion says that a Lakhnavi sheer kurta can also be worn over a fitted jumpsuit. Go quirky and break all the conventional barriers!




Street style store : A detailed review

Hello friends!!!!!!! I do not know whether it comes for you or not , my FB page is full with advertisements of  Street style store . It is very hard ( especially for me) to resist those cute sandals in those pictures but i really doubted the website’s validity .They have some amazing offers for footwear like 999rs/3 ,999rs/2 ,1199rs/2;believe me they are amazing . When i searched for reviews nothing in proper was available. I tried to stop myself from buying but the ‘Cash On Delivery ‘ option has made me lose my will . I thought there was nothing to lose . Since then i have made more than 6 purchases over 6 months , i finally think myself to be capable of writing some review on the site .

street style store
                                                                                                      The top i got,it is lovely

WEB SITE Design of street style store:

It is very simple one. There are only two levels of filters. Like 1. Clothing»» tops/dresses. You can not find many filters or sorting options like you see in other e-commerce stores.
Range The site offers footwear, clothing, bags.

Foot wear

is kind of ‘wide range’ of all categories. Around 100 pretty pieces are available.


Floral shoes 899
                                                                                  Floral shoes 899


sandals 999/3
                                                                                                               sandals 999/3
My favorite of all
                                                                                                              My favorite of all

Clothing :

Earlier it used to have some 50-100 items, some how only 20-30 available now.The number changes frequently .Most of it is western wear but some fusion and Indian wear is also available.


Around 20. The items are mostly basic, all time ‘must have’s
All the items actually give me the impression of Asian cheap fashion website items (which might be the case here). But most of them especially footwear looks soooo cute that I decided to take risk.

Payment :

Even if this is a ‘ drop ship ‘ of an Asian website the best thing about this is the facility of C.O.D. Though they charge 50/- more for C. O. D, It is still a better option.

Price range :

They are not extremely cheap but still I think the products are decently priced. Some of the shoes are actually low priced.

Delivery :

This is the most distressing thing about the site. If you ever get tempted by the products and want to buy, I advise you to buy with C. O. D. and then forget about it completely.I still have few orders due which were placed some 3 months back. One order placed on 30 June was delivered on 12 September.

Packaging :

It is an average packing. The captions on boxes are cute, but I still prefer my shoes to have some padding and protection when they are traveling.

The standard package from street style store
                                                                                           The standard package from street style store
Don't you agree with that?
                                                                                   Don’t you agree with that?

Products Quality.

I should say it is decent .I bought almost 10 pieces of footwear,3 in clothing and 1 bag and till now  I did not find any manufacturing defects till now . The quality is average and they do not look cheap. They are worth the price paid for them.


There are no cancellations ,either you take the product or return it .

Returns & Refunds

Once i returned the product and after 2 months of the pick up the status changed as ‘product received’ but still no mention about the refund of item  thinking of contacting customer care.


Overall if you have patience enough to wait for months for your orders ,you can happily go ahead with this site. To save yourself from anticipatory heart attack go for C.O.D.

(This is not a paid /sponsored review ,i just wrote to help others)




BONUSBay : save money in online shopping


MAYBELLINE BABY LIPS Spiced Up Tropical Punch

Foot Scrub for Pretty Feet

8 Tips To Save Your Sweater

Maybelline Clearglow BB Stick


8 Tips To Save Your Sweater



Pic Credit : TheUglySweaterShop.com

         Hi guys!! Winter is back and everyone around is getting their warm clothing out. People from other places might have started experiencing it already, but here in hyderabad, winter just is knocking the door.

Sweaters are no more just comfort clothing, they have become the style statements.
These are some tips to take care your awesome sweaters this season.

sweater                                                              Aine

 1.Cleaning :

Do not abuse your sweaters with repeated washing . That will kill it . Prefer dry clean over washing for cleaning it.  It is Ok to wash them just once a month . After every usage you can just dry it in shade.


2.Washing :

If you prefer to wash them at home , hand wash is more advisable than machine wash . Use a mild detergent .I prefer baby shampoo for that purpose.

3.Add  vinegar

Adding apple cider vinegar to the water used for washing helps the sweaters become fluffy and lively .If you are not comfortable with the smell consider fabric conditioner made for wool.


4.Stains :

If you accidentally get stains of any kind remove them immediately .You can use baking soda for this purpose.



Never ,ever hang a sweater . That will make it bigger in size and it might lose its elasticity.


You can occasionally keep it in a fridge. This will prevent pilling and moth infestation.


Pilling is one painful issue we face with woolen clothing .It will make them look dull & old .There are few methods to remove it.

Never pull them which can destroy the fabric.

a) Commercial products: There are few commercial products especially made for de-pilling like sweater comb ,sweater stone and sweater pilling shaver.

b) If you have patience ,you can simply cut them with scissors .This is the cheapest way but this could be dangerous and exhausting.

c ) Pumice stone : You can use the regular pumic stone to gently rub the sweater . Make sure to be gentle.

d)Razor        : You can use regular old shaving razor .Use it as you use it on skin .Make sure the razor is old and not sharp.



Do not forget to place moth -repellents in the wardrobe.


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