Goa Dates Outfit 4

At the resort



Hi Guys !! This is the last post of my Goa outfit series . That day we planned a road trip to an unknown place called Tiracol Fort.If you want to read the full story of the journey ,click here-Journey to the less known Tiracol Fort, Goa

The morning was slightly chilly and considering the long road journey I chose a very simple and light outfit . I added a blazer which could be taken off anytime. As i expected it again became sunny and i had to remove my blazer .

I really like neon colors as they have some bright cheering up effect. The neon yellow (bright lemon yellow is my all time favorite. I have many pieces in that color.The blazer went well with the Lip T shirt . The blue necklace complemented the yellow

blazer and matched the T shirt. The yellow gladiator sandals were my favorite.

Outfit details :

Yellow blazer, lip t shirt – dresslink.com
Denim shorts – recycled from old jeans.
Blue necklace – Addons
Yellow gladiator – done by none.

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Hi friends!!!!!!!!11 How was your festival ?? Full of celebrations i hope….

One of the greatest things of being a doctor is the blessing of working on weekends and festivals . It has been more than 5 yrs since i took holiday for any festival . All those dassheras ,diwalis ,new year eves I spent in hospital.


So this festival also i was in hospital , but wanted to retain festival spirit with bright clothes.  I chose this bright color block top . I simply love the color combination .


The shrug has gave some elegant  look to the top.




I chose these pretty yet not so loud ear rings and completed with jutis .



I had no make up on except lip balm and kajal . ( my routine for hospital )

Sorry for the blurry pictures , there was no one to take photos so these were taken by me in auto mode.


Top -IraSoliel

Ear rings and Jutis – Sarojini nagar market , delhi.

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Goa Dates Outfit 3

GOA dates :OUTFIT 2

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8 New Fashion In Lingerie That You Should Try





LOVE JEANS?6 tips to take care of it

8 New Fashion In Lingerie That You Should Try


Those are the old days when women grabbed what they got when it comes to lingerie. They never bothered about the style, fashion, material and either they were keen in knowing what brand they brought. At present, women are more outward and does not move away shyly if they want to ask for what they are looking for when it comes to lingerie.

Lingerie and fashion goes hand in hand now. A lot of new styles are fascinating women a lot, which offers a lot of great comfort and also sexy looks. Numerous new styles are getting introduced each day. With all these advancements, we have seen a very good change in the mindset of the people when it comes to picking the lingerie and also their attitude towards trying out new styles.

A lot of online portals that caters to all your lingerie needs have boomed up to the next level, making it one of the biggest platforms for online shoppers who love to experiment more on their lingerie styles. These portals get them the best and the latest collections in lingerie, which they had once dreamt of owning. So, which are the latest trends in lingerie at present? Listed below are the 8 new fashions in lingerie that you should try if you are a true lingerie lover…

1.Sexy Back Slip Bras




Bras are always meant for comfort. Style and fashion complimented it. Now things are different. Women look for sexy look, style and fashion along with comfort. This has resulted in the latest trend of having sexy back slips on bras. These back slips are laced ones which add an extra. These bras are really cool when you wear them with any of your western outfit.

Shop for the latest sexy back slip bras online at amazing rates at Zivame.

2.Candy Plunge Lace Bralette



Candy Plunge Lace Bralette is yet another in the latest collection. It supports and lifts your bust, and it accentuates the neckline as well. Latest in the house of lingerie fashion, grab them at affordable price online via Jabong.

3.Scandalous Sheer Lace Underwired Bra



 Photo :Treacle Tart

Scandalous Sheer Lace Underwired Bra is also one of the latest collections on bras. Lined with lace material, it comes in various colors as well that it offers you great comfort, style and fashion. Embrace this in your lingerie must have list.

Check out for more lingerie fashion at Amazon

4.Strapless Bandeau Bra



Photo :Austin_photoguy50

As mentioned, they are strapless bras, which are lightweight and offer more comfortability. It comes with removable pads, which makes you love your lingerie more.

5.Wire Free Plunge Bra

These bras are super soft, smooth, comfortable and lightweight. Backless styles are also available in this category of fashionable bras. It amplifies your self confidence when you’re wearing a backless dress.

6.Snug Sexy Wireless Bra

This fashionable bra which has a plunging neckline is best suited for low cut necks and you will not feel any discomfort even if you are wearing a sexy and hot attire.

7.Allure Invisi Bra

Seamless collections from Allure give you the perfect cup sized bras, which makes you feel more comfortable. They have full cover as well as medium cover models, which can picked according to your choices.

8.Ultra Boost Multiway Push Up Bra


Bahia Notícias


It features underwired cups and soft push up padding for extreme lift. The supportive and broader wing band hides body fat and removes bumps. So, ultimately it gives you that sexy look you longed for!

It features underwired cups and soft push up padding for extreme lift. The supportive and broader wing band hides body fat and removes bumps. So, ultimately it gives you that sexy look you longed for!!



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LOVE JEANS?6 tips to take care of it






Goa Dates Outfit 3

Hello buddies!!!!!!!! Here is another outfit post from my Goa Dates series . As the day then was windy , I planned to go for a flirty skirt to play with the wind. The black skirt here is in fact a dress , the pretty LBD . I wore it in Goa for one dinner . When in tour i usually like to re-use same pieces to reduce the burden to some extent . So….that way the LBD became skirt in this outfit.

sadhvi mythili

Fort Aguada

I really like the puffy hands and and the neck detailing of the top. I paired it with the black handbag ,grey stone ear rings and silver bangles.


Sadhvi mythili

Sadhvi mythili

earrings and pearl neck detailing

outfit details

Top,LBD,Hand bag -Dresslink.com

Footwear-online shopping

Bangles – bought in Lifestyle

Ear rings – Gifted


Hope you like the outfit.

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Journey to the less known Tiracol Fort, Goa

GOA dates :OUTFIT 2

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A TRAIN to GOA : a sweet surprise

LOVE JEANS?6 tips to take care of it




GOA dates :OUTFIT 2

PhotoGrid_1438620239323Hello friends !!!!!!!!! This is another post from my ‘Goa ‘ series and this is the second outfit post ( For first outfit post click here). It was the third day of our trip and also was a busy ‘sight seeing’ day. Our tour plan consisted of few temples ,churches,beaches,monuments and the famous ‘Mandovi cruise ‘ .That meant it was beyond my stamina levels. Moreover , it was Goa in June !!!!!! Heat and humidity were threatening me.


So, i chose this simple, light denim dress which has a chiffon ,flowy lower half . That lovely wide tan belt came with the dress. For footwear , i opted those pretty gold sandals which would allow me to walk happily without hurting my feet.


As i wanted my dress to be the ‘key piece ‘ of the outfit ,i paired with simple ‘owl necklace’ . a ‘deer bracelet ‘ and ‘chariot ring’ which were not overshadowing that dress.

I love those mirror sunglasses . I skipped my bag and dumped everything into the backpack my hubby was carrying.

Of course ,that ‘straw hat ‘ was a must. After all , it was Goa.


Outfit Details

Dress,Belt and bracelet – Dresslink.com

Ring                                  -Shopnineteen.com

Owl necklace                  -Online shopping

Straw hat                          -Goa beach shopping.

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GOA DATES :Outfit 1


PhotoGrid_1436091473703                              I just realized that it has been so many days since i have done my last outfit post . So here i am with my another outfit post. This is a very simple outfit which wore for our first beach day of Goa. It was early monsoon but the weather of Goa was terrible. It was hot, humid and sickening . Especially in those beaches .

So for my ‘Goa beach date’ , i chose a very simple and light outfit for a comfy & cute look . That day we actually visited and spent time in 4 beaches .

The white top was made of light but not transparent ( it was necessary for top to be ‘non transparent ‘ to save me from embarrassment after dip into the sea.) I really like the ‘bead design ‘ around the neck  and those cute hands.

PhotoGrid_1436976647686I paired it with simple cropped shorts. ( recycled from my old jeans ) As it was a beach and i was in a playful mood , i chose my simple ‘archie flipflops’ .They were adorable but unfortunately i can not find photo now. I completed look with silver bangles and grey crystal studs. One huge black hand bag to hold all the stuff i need in beach.

PhotoGrid_1436976588892                               hair has become like this after an hour of just standing in the beach


Beaded white top & hand bag- Dresslink.com

Denim shorts       -Recycled from my old jeans.

Bangle set             – from Hypercity


Hope you like my outfit.

LOVE JEANS?6 tips to take care of it

Hi beauties , if you like me , love denim, this post is for you. I do not know how many of you suffer from this problem but finding a perfect pair of jeans is a big task for me. I seldom find a pair with perfect size,fit,shade  & cost .  That is why it is important for me to take care of the very rare best denim piece i own. If you do not take care properly jeans will lose their color ,beauty & liveliness. They look old ,faded and ragged.

So here are some tips by which you can take care of your favorite pair of jeans & prevent their aging.



I know you have freshness and cleanliness issues , but it is not advisable to wash jeans frequently. If you have a habit of washing it after every use , it is time to reduce the frequency now .Wash it after 3-4 usages. Instead after each use hang it in shade for 15 mins followed by sun for 45 mins.


You can use some remedies for preventing your jeans from losing their color. For washing to a tub of cold water add spoon full of salt & lemon juice. Soak jeans for few mins then wash it. You can use vinegar instead.( i use vinegar) .



I know for lazy people like you and me it is extremely difficult but hand wash is healthier for your favorite jeans. Moreover ,it is eco friendly tooo. Add some fabric conditioner in the end.


I know this tip looks weird but try this . Once you wash it & dry it place your jeans in some polythene keep that in fridge for 1 hr before keeping back in closet.


Do not keep it too long in same folds ,change the folding pattern frequently .Otherwise there  some discoloration takes place in those long term folds.



Colored jeans are pretty famous now. If you have one be careful with it’s color. Use only mild detergent . Use fabric conditioner too.


Hello friends, how is your weekend ? I had nothing special , as always i am spending time with patients & diseases.IMG_1953

Coming to the post , i really wanted to make this post atleast 1 month ago. But somehow it got postponed. The dungaree for me is like a childhood dream. I belong to a very small town where i have never seen any child wearing a DUNGAREE . When my cousins from a Metro city came home wearing a Dungaree,i started drooling over it. Since then i tried so many times to gain one ,but always in vain.


When i saw this online, it was like a dream come true. I do not think i need to mention that i snatched it immediately.Luckily it was also one highly running trend for the spring,2015.


I paired it with one light pink shirt and gladiator sandals. Those lovely glasses are my absolute favorites these days. Hope you like it.



Dungaree-Dorothy Perkins( jabong)


Gladiators-Dressberry by mynthra

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ootd S for SKIRT



IMG_1965When I tell my husband that every dress of mine has a story he never understands. He  always looks so shocked when I tell him about whens ,wheres ,hows ,whos of dresses . Sometimes he even becomes tearful about my abnormal memory of clothes . But I believe that 80% of girls on earth can do that without any difficulty .

Like most of my dresses, this dress had to wait about a year to be worn from the day it was bought . For a few days it was looking at me pleadingly whenever I opened my suitcase . (I lived in hostel ) After a few days , I got irritated & sent this home . After that  my mother started reminding me about this dress. For every festival or function , no matter how trivial it is, mom would take this out and ask me . Finally I wore this for UGADI which is an important festival for telugu people .

For girls of normal height this might not be a floor length .This is just an anarkali . But thanks to my 5” ht ,it has become a floor length for me  (he he he ) .I took no pains for accessorizing it  , I just chose everything in gold .

The photos were taken at a small  railway bridge near the village where we lived.

Outfit details-

Dress -Warangal

Earrings & gold flats – Karimnagar.

Gold cluch – Dresslink.com


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I looooove skirts, especially poofy ones.For me they seem so girly & flirty. When i saw this skirt online for the first time, i decided to resist. But this skirt kinda haunted me until i bought this. I love the green print on this skirt.

Green & Black combination looks so classy to me .( REMEMBER Whatever  colour  combo i wear ,that is is classy).

So i matched this skirt with a black asymmetrical  top. This necklace i am wearing is my current favorite , i have been using this on almost every outfit. I have been dying to use these green mirror sunglasses since i bought them. As the dress has green print i finally could use it.

The nude shoes can be paired with everything.They give some illusion of elongated legs.They are pretty comfortable too.IMG_1924


Skirt & top -bought from  mynthra

Necklace -The Pari

Sunglasses -Style Fiesta

Belt -20 Dresses

Nude shoes – unbranded ,local store.


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