Fab bag October 2016

This should have been posted last month itself, but somehow it got postponed. I decided to publish it anyway.

October was a month of celebrations and the Fabbag October 2016 also matched the whole vibe and was named ‘The Festive High’.


The definite show stopper of month is the bag itself. It is a metallic Golden clutch type bag which in future could be used as a party clutch. ( I am going to peel off the logo of Fabbag, of course).

Fabbag October 2016

What I got in my Fabbag October 2016:
Fabbag October 2016

CAL liquid lipstick, Carassing coral ( Full size 450/-)


It is a very bright coral color and I am not sure whether I am going to use it. It is too bright for my skin tone.


Votre lip scrub- 10gm ( Full size for 300/-)

Fabbag October 2016

This is a gel scrub with orange color and creamy texture. I am keeping this for my upcoming trip this month.


Kaya Brightening serum 5ml ( 30 ml for 1495/-)

This is a very pleasant smelling serum and gets absorbed easily. I am not sure yet whether I am impressed enough to buy the full sized one.


Veda earth cleansing facial oil 25ml ( Full size 350/-)

Fabbag October 2016


Again the packaging is far more interesting than the oil. Oil has a very strong Ayurvedic smell. I am not sure about using it as they didn’t specify whether this can be used for all skin types. I am not ready to experiment right before my trip.
Stay quirky Nail Polish-02 (6 ml for 165/-)

I wish they gave a lighter color.

 My take on Fabbag October 2016: Over all this bag is Okayish. The thing I am going to use without doubt are the ‘bag’, the serum, lip scrub.

Fab bag- August 2016

I have been feeling bad about Fab bag for the last few months as they were sending it only in the second half of the month. However, I was surprised by the Fab bag- August 2016 edition as it came by 6th this month.

Fab bag- August 2016

These are the things which I got in my Fab bag- August 2016 edition

Fab bag- August 2016

  1. The most interesting thing this time is the Geri G. Innocent foundation. This is worth 2500/- and I got it in full size. I was asked to chose some make up product from Geri G and I never heard of that brand before. I did some research and found out – Geri G is a celebrity make up artist and running a make up line with limited options. This foundation, i needed some darker shade. But Fab bag gave me only two options and I chose the darker one. This looks slightly lighter on my skin, Though I am not looking like a vampire. I am trying to figure out some way to use it.Fab bag- August 2016

2. Just herbs Malabar Lemongrass Invigorating Body wash (545/- for 200 ml)

I received some 30 ml bottle. This is a lemon yellow colored body wash with a sweet smell.

3. Kronocare Anti Turn(oil) Repairing Hair oil – 2875/- for 500ml

This has a peculiar smell. Even though this sounds promising, it is rather very expensive for a hair oil (at least for me).

Fab bag- August 2016

4. Natural Bath & Body Gel Face Masque – 325/- 100ml

This is a very fruity smelling face mask, this exactly looks, feels and smells like the Everyouth orange peel off mask, but this is not a peel off. ( I love peel off masks, not because they work well. They give me good feeling while peeling them off)

5. Livon Serum  3ml packs 3 nos each 5ml.

They said it is a new formula or something what they usually say when they change the packing. I will see..


Fab bag June 2016

I got the Fab bag June 2016 bag in July as I ordered late in June.  I was very much doubtful whether to subscribe or not and finally gave in. This bag is the Beauty addiction bag and has 4 products in it and I got a jewellery item as Fab bag June 2016a complimentary gift.


These are things i got in my Fab bag June 2016….

Fab bag June 2016

Skin yoga Coffee body scrub  ( Full size 845/-)

This is semi powdery mixture which completely looks like  regular coffee powder. The smell is heavenly. The scrub smakes the skin  soft from the first use itself.

Korite Buerre Pure shea butter ( 50gm 445/-)

Fab bag June 2016

It has a very smooth and buttery texture  ( which it is supposed to have) which I love.

Fab bag June 2016

B:Blunt  Spotlight Hair Polish ( 250 rs / 30ml)

I am very excited about this product as I wanted to buy this earlier.

Fab bag June 2016

Be a bombshell Eye shadow crayon- The boss ( Full size 1200/-)

When they asked me to select a shade, I selected a black one. But ended up getting this instead. This is a golden shade.The thing I love about the crayon is that it  glides smoothly on skin and has a very beautiful golden shade.

I also got this Style fiesta accessory as a complimentary.

Fab bag June 2016

The cost is shown as 499/-

Over all I am happy with the bag as I got these many goodies.

May 2016 Fab bag

Hi friends!! Waiting for Fab bag has become a routine for me. I have no idea why they are taking so much time to send. It is arriving only after 15th of each month.
The theme for this is “The Summer Escapade”


I simply adore the bright green bag, I started using it as a pen’s pouch now.
I got 4 products..

Nyassa Tea Tree Face Wash
( Rs400 /- for 145ml)

The Nature’s Co White tea Night cream
( Rals895/- for 50ml)

Seasoul Dual eyeshadow palette – SS8
( Full size Rs 900/-)

Inveda Sunscreen Cream Gel SPF 30 (Rs 225 for 75months)

The face wash might be very useful for me, for my night duty days or for trips.
The Seasoul palette I got is of almost nude one, which I already have many palettes.
I really doubt using night cream.
I have many tubes of sunscreen lotion but as this is very light in texture, I might like it.

Stay tuned for more posts…

April, 2016 Fab bag.

Hello guys!!!

My prolonged absence is the result of a vacation and later unfortunate hacking of my blog.

It took me days to sort out the problem and get back to you…terribly missed writing.

Earlier I used to get Fab bags by the end of first week, but this time I don’t know what happened, I got my April, 2016 Fab bag only on 16th of April. I must re think about my future subscriptions. April month’s fababag is ” It’s a spring thing” bag.

It has five products in it, 3 beauty, 1 makeup and 1 jewellery.

These are the things I got in April 2016 Fab bag…

wp-1461128875799.jpegVantiv Energisng shampoo Full size- Rs 187/- for 250ml

wp-1461128900966.jpegSoul tree aloe & Rose waterwith skin toning licorice cleanser  30ml (Rs 295/ 120ml),

03+ Skin whitening mask  10gm (Rs 775/50gm)

april 2016 Fabbag
april 2016 Fab bag,

Catrice long lasting eye pencil Waterproof 020 The wolrd’s greyest- Full size Rs330/-

Style Fiesta (Full size: Rs 499/-) . Honestly, I am not able to understand what type of jewellery piece this is.. It is y shaped and lacks any hooks on one arm.


I am really not that happy with April 2016 Fab bag. No product excited me as such…

I will try to be more frequent from now on wards.

Stay tuned…


March 2016 Fabbag

Hello!! dear ones…
I am slowly coming out of dull phase.  March 2016 Fabbag came to cheer me up. I ordered it at the end of march and got it today.

March 2016 Fabbag

What did I get in March 2016 Fabbag ?
This bag is The “More Power to you” bag.
I got a total of 7 products in this.

March 2016 Fabbag
Most awaited product is the SUGAR- It’s A- Pout Time! Vivid Lipstick -Mad magenta 599/- Full size.
Inveda BB Cream – Matte 140/- for 15 ml.

March 2016 Fabbag
Wella professionals – elements renewing mask 30ml (1075/- for 150 ml)
elements renewing mask 30ml (975 /- for 250 ml )

March 2016 Fabbag
Cuccio Naturale Butter blend duo -price not mentioned.
Clovia Premium Lingerie.

Now eagerly waiting for the April one.

January 2016 FabBag

Hello friends…..I had one examination this week ,so i was not able to write anything this week. How are doing ?

This month also i received my Fabbag on 7th . The theme for this month is ‘The beauty resolutions ‘ .I am simply in love with the bag of the Fabbag this month. I really wish they had given some chain or belt to use it as a sling bag. It is such a cute one .Have a look…


This time i got a total of 6 goodies in the Fabbag. Two of them are full size and 4 are samples.


These are the things i got in the bag.

Votre Face serum ( Full size 1670 /- for 12 ml )

This is my 3rd serum from Fabbag in the last 5 months…

Natral Bah & body Clay mask ( 450rs / 100ml) Vit E Whipped cream ( 275 rs/50ml)


The whipped cream has a wonderful smell ,really excited to try it . I have been looking for a good moisturizer for sensitive skin.

Ayorma Spa daily scrub( 279rs/ 50gm) Face wash ( 349rs /100ml)


The smell of the face wash sucks.

I am going to use all the sample products for my upcoming trip .

Fran Wilson mood matcher lipstick ( Full size 549 rs). This lipstick has a scary green color ,but on application it give a pretty pink color.




Of all, i am in love with the bag…. I mean the ‘bag’ .


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December 2015 fab bag.

Hi friends!! Fab bag is a kind of addiction as my mind craves for more.

Fab bag
This month also it came by 7th to make me happy.
It came in a heart shaped bag which has slightly imperfect shape. That is OK with me. The theme is Party all night.
These are the products I got this time.

Fab bag

Fab bag
Sugar matte As Hell Crayon Lipstick – Holly Golightly +sharpener – full size (rs 799)

Fab bag
Kronkare The Frizz Kiss cooling Explosion Lipbalm – Full size (rs 95 /10 ml)

Bioderma Sensibio H2O Micelle Solution – 10ml (rs 860/250ml)

Fab bag
Just herbs gotukola Indian ginseng rejuvenating beauty elixir :15ml
Full size 985/- for 12ml  

Fab bag
Lever Ayush Headache Naashak Roll on. 2ml.(rs 199/10ml)

Clovia Premium Lingerie Brief (rs 399).

I had an opportunity to choose one product &the bag design. I chose
Totally I got products that are worth around 2000 bucks.
I am excited to try the lip balm and lip Crayon ;doubtful about the Micelle solution.



NOVEMBER 2015 Fab bag



Maybelline Baby lips SPICED UP SWATCHES


BONUSBay : save money in online shopping

NOVEMBER 2015 Fab bag

Hi guys !!!!!!How is the weekend going ?

Each month FabBag brings with it bunch of goodies,happiness and gloom. Gloom because i know i need to wait a whole month to get next FabBag which is the most difficult part.Coming to this month’s fabbag….

November Fabbag

I like the bag , it is very light...
                                                                  I like the bag , it is very light…



Ayorma Fairness &Cell renew cream 15gm/195rs Full size 50gm 649rs
Ayorma Fairness &Cell renew cream 15gm/195rs
                                     Full size 50gm 649rs

The night cream actually smells like Ponds cold cream.


Seasoul Dead Sea Minerals & Botanicals 50ml/300 rs
                                                 Seasoul Dead Sea Minerals & Botanicals 50ml/300 rs

The smell of candle is amazing.

Lollipops Paris Matte Concealer 5.5ml /800rs
                             Lollipops Paris Matte Concealer 5.5ml /800rs

Never heard of the brand before.The shade is slightly lighter than my usual , i might use it as a highlighter.

Vote Intensive Brightening Masque 40gm Full size 100ml/1080rs
                               Vote Intensive Brightening Masque 40gm
                              Full size 100ml/1080rs

I cose this one when I was asked to choose.I am going to try the mask today itself…

Totally there is one makeup ,3 skin care products. I am really dying to try face pack and massage oil . I am in doubt whether i want to try the night cream as do not experiment much with face. About the concealer , this is the 2 nd concealer in 3 months . I would have preferred something else.





Maybelline color show nail polish : Coral Craze

Konjac Sponge : All about it

BONUSBay : save money in online shopping

Maybelline Clearglow BB Stick

Maybelline Baby lips SPICED UP SWATCHES

MAYBELLINE BABY LIPS Spiced Up Tropical Punch

Foot Scrub for Pretty Feet


Hi friends !!!! I received my October Fab Bag on Thursday and since then opening it again and again ( I do the same thing every month) just to amuse myself.

Here are the things I got this month.

October Fab Bag
My favorite is absolutely the bag this time. It is a color block one screaming ‘festival, festival’ from every corner.October Fab bag


As per contents, I got one make up and three skin care products and one makeup product .


palmer's cocoa butter formula 50 ml ( Full size 425rs / 250 ml)
                                                                    palmer’s cocoa butter formula 50 ml ( Full size 425rs / 250 ml)


GREEN MINT cooling foot scrub - 50 gm ( 1100rs / 200gm)
                                                                          GREEN MINT cooling foot scrub – 50 gm ( Full size 1100rs / 200gm)
OCEANA foaming face scrub 30g ( Full size 900 rs/ 215 gms)
                                                                                           OCEANA foaming face scrub 30g ( Full size 900 rs/ 215 gms)


Full size 1500/-
                                                                                                      Full size 1500/-

I like the way the foot scrub looks, tried it already and will review soon.
I have been looking for a suitable ‘red lipstick’ for long, can’t wait to see how this one goes.

The scrub and the cocoa butter i am planning to use during travels .

Happyy sunday to everyone ( I have duty  )

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