Hotel Willow Hill, Ooty

Ooty left me with some very wonderful memories. This hotel willow hill is part of it. When i was browsing through all the hotels, this one got my attention instantly.   It looked like those hotels which I used to see in old movies shot on hill stations.  Seeing that even reviews were good, I opted for it.

willow hill

My experience with the willow hill, Ooty-

willow hillwillow hill

We faced some problem in reaching the hotel as it was in some distant location and our driver was unaware of it. We could reach with help of the staff. We were surprised to find one telugu speaking person in the staff who was very helpful throughout our stay. The staff also helped us in getting a bike for rent and one person even gave me his helmet for 3 days.

The hotel rooms were built in the cabin style with wood covering normal cement walls. That gave me a very good cozy feel.  The interiors were also matchy with the English cabin theme with dim lighting and high cushion chairs.

willow hill

The room had a  huge glass window with  a garden and valley view.  We used to see staring out of the window drinking steamy coffee and talking about all the rubbish in the world for hours. The bathroom was also big enough to have a good time bathing.

They have a big, pretty garden which was in bloom when we visited. There was also a small children’s play area which we used shamelessly.

willow hillwillow hill

As it is in south India and we too only eat south Indian food, we liked the food. We had plenty of coffee. Actually we were forced to, because of the temperature.

So, as a whole I loveeeee this hotel and i have recommended this to many already.


My rating for The willow hill, Ooty is….

Location               4.7/5,

Amenities             4/5,

Service quality      4/5,

Cleanliness           4.5/5,

Food                   4/5,

Overall               4.5/5

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The Orbis, Coimbatore

The Orbis, Coimbatore is one of the best budget hotels I ever stayed in.

I usually do not prefer staying at commercial ‘hotel’ type of hotels, I prefer resorts or ‘home stays’ but my husband likes proper hotel type hotels.
That was the reason we selected the Orbis, Coimbatore.

The Orbis, Coimbatore

My experience with The Orbis, Coimbatore
The hotel is located on main road just 10 min away from ‘The Coimbatore airport’ .The first thing that you notice is the infinite circles in the interior and exterior design.

The Orbis, Coimbatore In the lounge  the fine  chandelier attracted me. The staff was friendly. Our  cozy room  in first floor had more circles.

The Orbis, CoimbatoreThe Orbis, Coimbatore

The circles....
The circles….
The wardrobe
The wardrobe
The bathroom
The bathroom


It was simple,white, squeaky clean and has a soothing quality. It has all the necessities that you would expect an average hotel room to have.  The most wonderful thing in the room is the bathroom with glass walls and in-built speakers. It was comparatively small in size but the glass walls made it look larger. Probably it was designed for people who don’t want to miss the serials even for few minutes.

I could  comfortably fit in the  huge wardrobe.

We had only breakfast buffet there and the food was reasonably good.

My rating for The Orbis, Coimbatore

Location- 4/5

Amenities- 4.5/5

Staff       – 3.5/5

Food     – 4/5

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