logo7When you visit DELHI for the first time you will invariably go to places which come to your mind when thinking of Delhi. I don’t think I need toname them. I have visited them in college. What if it is your second time to Delhi and you don’t want to follow those tourist buses?

When we visited Delhi this time , we wanted to go to places which were not in the previous list and also which couldn’t be found in Hyderabad. When I went through internet , I found this amazing place.

Mystery rooms is located near Rajori garden metro station ( 10 min walk ). When we decided to go there , we were not really sure about whats going to be there. But we both are kinda people who try to poke fingers into everything we come across. So we were finally there.

We had no problem finding the place. We went directly without calling but as it was a week day ,there was no problem finding a slot.


If you are already wondering ‘ what this all fuss about’ , I am coming there. Mystery rooms is a new kind of experience you are going to get which has some resemblance to reality shows. They will give you challenges and you need to complete them in  an hour. Currently two kinds of games are available. They are promising two more from this may.


           The game mainly is  hard work for your ” little grey cells” as Hercule Poirot would say. We went for  HURT LOCKER . They will lock you in a room with a bomb which is going to blast in an hour. Some clues are dispersed everywhere around the room. We need to solve some puzzles to get those clues. I do not  want to ruin the thrill you will get by describing everything. 

Me and hubby were together in a team. As a matter of fact , I cracked more puzzels. (Please do not ask Raki , he will say he had cracked more😜. However  we lost😭😭😭.

The price depends on many things. You will better check with their site.

So next time you are in Delhi pay a visit to this place. Some places of this kind can also be found in Mumbai.


IMG_0120After living in WARANGAL for so many years , if I do not write about it ,that’s an absolute stupidity. Because there is always so much to tell about our place. WARANGAL has so many historical places which are still alive. WARANGAL FORT is one of them . Everyone who comes to Warangal wants to visit that . I myself took almost 50-60 of my friends & relatives . It took around 15-20 visits.

warangal fortWarangal fort is located near the city of Warangal . A thick stone built wall is seen surrounding it which looks pretty strong still . When we enter through the gate , there is a small town . Penetrating the town will take you to a huge stone built hall which is said to the DARBAR of KAKATHIYA DYNASTY .  We can go to the top of that building . ( But the stairs are soooo uncomfortable ).History says it was built in 13th century.

Ruins at Warangal Fort, Andhra Pradesh43543Further expeditions will take you to the ruins of what once had been  a structure of beautiful art of KAKATIYA time . There are some temples , single stone elephants , pillars carved from head to toe. There will be a LIGHT & SOUND SHOW  in the evening for 45 mins.

IMG_0173Opposite to these ruins there is another complex with a kids park & a temple on the hill. It has a separate entrance fare.  The first picture was taken on the hill top . This is supposed to be a surveillance spot for the protection of fort. Rumors about a secret passage from here to RAMAPPA are widespread. It would be soooo exciting to find that .

IMG_0184HOW ?

Reaching WARANGAL is simple. It has bus  connections from many cities . KHAJIPET JN which is a major railway junction is like a twin to WARANAL. Nearest airport is in HYDERABAD. But soon there going to be an airport in WARANGAL itself.


Fort is located just next to WARANGAL city.


Throughout the year.


WARANGAL FORT  has a entertainment zone for kids. ( Which was inaugurated on my birthday ). Warangal city has famous temples , monuments, theatres , shopping zones . You can go & visit RAMAPPA & LAKNAVARAM as well.

keep reading.

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The Hanging bridge – LAKNAVARAM


Haiguys , how are you all doing? I wanted to make this post yesterday , but i was in half depression . First of all  ,india lost the match . Then half way through ‘MONK’ there was a power cut , just before he was going to announce who the killer was.

In the end when i tried to upload pictures for post they started some kind of strike . I had to compress them.

In the previous travel post we talked about RAMAPPA . Today in Travel we will discuss about  a less known beautiful place  in warangal , that is LAKNAVARAM.


Laknavaram is actually name of huge lake of about 10000 acres with 100 + islands. The credit of discovering this lake goes again to Kakathiya rulers. This is located in warangal dist , about 80 km from warangal.  The journey is through a dense forest which offers some great feel ( at least to me )

When we reach the area from distance ,we see a lake with an L shaped  yellow bridge on it. When we go close we realize it to be a hanging one. ( they say this bridge is the only one of its kind in telangana and andhra Pradesh.)


                        Entrance is paid. There are some stairs which take us to the bridge. At the entrance of the bridge & in the middle there are warning signs which prohibit us from jumping or doing anything of that kind . ( when no one was around I jumped  like a monkey. The bridge swayed like hell. But still it was fun. )

It’s a very good place for family picnics, weekend getaways , tours with friends.


As I told earlier , it is located 80 kms from warangal. 6 kms from Govindaraopet.

HOW  ?

You can only reach by road . You can not really depend on public transportation. If you are taking a vehicle cover both RAMAPPA, LAKNAVARAM. If you want to stay in resorts it is advisable to book through telangana tourism website.


You can escape from your polluted routine & come here to stay in the HARITHA LAKEVIEW RESORT here .I had no time but I actually wanted to stay here. This is a very beautiful place to spend a night or two. Boating is also available.

There is a garden & small play zone for children.


Actually there is no time specification. But my advice is to choose some time between late rainy season to winters , because the place is extremely hot  even from Feb.



In the distance of 10-15 kms, there are 2 haritha restaurants. These are the only decent places to have some food. Near the lake you can not find anything except Haritha resto.

So consider this place if you are planning a short holiday. If have doubt’s let me know.

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DIL DHADAKNE DO:a very good serial








 front view                                      IMG_9207

RAMAPPA is a kind of place which actually fulfills the requirement of every visitor . It has picturesque beauty , a famous temple , a grasping art , a huge lake and centuries of history.(pardon me , if the order of descriptions seems improper). Overall , for a first time visitor  ,definitely  it holds a ‘wow factor’.

The place has been named after the sculptor ‘RAMAPPA’. He seems to be the only sculptor in the world to gain this kind of honor. It was built in the period of Ganapathi Deva(of Kakathiya dynasty),by a general Recherla Deva in 13th century.

                                    There are  two temples sitting next to each other. They  depict typical delicate Kakathiya art. The bigger temple has been built on a star shaped elevation ,which is about 7 ft from the ground. Exterior has some rock cut elephants, apsaras and famous NAGIN which  inspired some next generation sculptors. The carved dancers in the walls and pillars  helped the revival of PERINI SHIVATHANDAVAM , a classical from the time of kakathiyas. IMG_20150315_150203exterior


The interior is even more interesting, there are pillars which are carved from floor to ceiling. On one pillar a sculpture can produce sounds similar to indian classical music. On other one there are 5 dancers next to each other with only a count of 8 legs, but when we consider each dancer individually each seems to possess 2 legs.( I think I am very bad at describing things.) .


The roof shows various episodes from indian mythology. Though it is huge and looks heavy,It is said to be able to float in water. Of course , there is no way we can test that.


Opposite to the temple there is  another raised platform with enormous Nandi.

How to reach

IT is about 75 kms from Warangal. You can reach only by road. Telangana tourism is offering services to ramappa.

What to do

It has a temple ,surrounding greenery ,a lake where boating is offered. As a family vacation , weekend getaway u can plan to visit  along with laknavaram ,which is located just 15 kms from Ramappa.

Where to eat

Only decent place to dine with families here is HARITHA RESTAURANT  by Telangana tourism. Food is O.K. You can find dhabas only at a distance of 10-15 kms.

r (1)another view from side



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Though the age of TELANGANA as a state is less than a year, the history and heritage of it ,  dates back to hundreds of years  .

So when we were thinking of a post wedding photo shoot we ( me & rakesh ) and our photographers unanimously agreed for locations around WARANGAL.

Warangal is the place where we both were “born & brought up” as doctors. So it was  so exiting to go back to the place where we first met. We know almost every corner of that place and we tasted in every restaurant and road side stall. So obviously WARANGAL is the first place i want to introduce.

Warangal , a city with it’s own stories , culture , nature , festivals and art . It is an important educational , financial and cultural focal point in the state of Telangana , which is loacted around 150 Kms from Hyderabad .    And this city is going to occupy a few more posts in the near future . It’s not only because i love it , but also because there is lot tell . IMG_9791               IMG_9352