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I know how long it had been.

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I had to give a break to blogging when I went for a rural posting in Nov 2016. What I thought as a temprary posting, got extended to 6 months due to various issues. Then I became ill. I have a rheumatic illness which changes in severity once in while. I had severe exacerbration last year which made it impossible to type or write. I had to wear joint supporters for few months.

          After that was over, came my thesis. Every person who had done thesis would know how much of a herculian task it was. It sucks our time, patience, energy and life. For almost tow months near the deadline, I hrdly did anything except thesis related work.

          After thesis, it was my final exams. Though, I got three months time between my theory and practicals, I just was off the track by then. ( Now I regret it)


         Now, my thesis had been accepted without any changes( Thank you God, thank you), I cleared my theroy and practiclas in fiirst attempt and taking my steps towards private practice as a psychiatrist. After all of these, I started to realise how I miss writing and here I am.

Romance on the road..First collaboration post

It is almost  a year since I started blogging but I never considered doing a collab post . First i should like the other blogger and second I should have something to offer the other blogger ,without really having to change my way of writing .

For this Valentine’s day a fellow travel blogger Chantell Colins from  Adoration 4 adventure wanted to do a series on romance while traveling . I thought this was finally my topic but I was really not sure whether she would like my work or not . I sent her my story with photos . It seems she liked it and it was not really an exciting story ,it was very simple one but it was a fond memory . I am pretty excited about the first ever collaboration . Looking forward  to do more..

Here is the link to the post.

Romance on the road: Collection of romantic travel stories

Thanks Chantell for liking and publishing my story.

The Hanging bridge – LAKNAVARAM


Haiguys , how are you all doing? I wanted to make this post yesterday , but i was in half depression . First of all  ,india lost the match . Then half way through ‘MONK’ there was a power cut , just before he was going to announce who the killer was.

In the end when i tried to upload pictures for post they started some kind of strike . I had to compress them.

In the previous travel post we talked about RAMAPPA . Today in Travel we will discuss about  a less known beautiful place  in warangal , that is LAKNAVARAM.


Laknavaram is actually name of huge lake of about 10000 acres with 100 + islands. The credit of discovering this lake goes again to Kakathiya rulers. This is located in warangal dist , about 80 km from warangal.  The journey is through a dense forest which offers some great feel ( at least to me )

When we reach the area from distance ,we see a lake with an L shaped  yellow bridge on it. When we go close we realize it to be a hanging one. ( they say this bridge is the only one of its kind in telangana and andhra Pradesh.)


                        Entrance is paid. There are some stairs which take us to the bridge. At the entrance of the bridge & in the middle there are warning signs which prohibit us from jumping or doing anything of that kind . ( when no one was around I jumped  like a monkey. The bridge swayed like hell. But still it was fun. )

It’s a very good place for family picnics, weekend getaways , tours with friends.


As I told earlier , it is located 80 kms from warangal. 6 kms from Govindaraopet.

HOW  ?

You can only reach by road . You can not really depend on public transportation. If you are taking a vehicle cover both RAMAPPA, LAKNAVARAM. If you want to stay in resorts it is advisable to book through telangana tourism website.


You can escape from your polluted routine & come here to stay in the HARITHA LAKEVIEW RESORT here .I had no time but I actually wanted to stay here. This is a very beautiful place to spend a night or two. Boating is also available.

There is a garden & small play zone for children.


Actually there is no time specification. But my advice is to choose some time between late rainy season to winters , because the place is extremely hot  even from Feb.



In the distance of 10-15 kms, there are 2 haritha restaurants. These are the only decent places to have some food. Near the lake you can not find anything except Haritha resto.

So consider this place if you are planning a short holiday. If have doubt’s let me know.

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