Budget Makeup, BLueheaven.com

Hi friends!!!!!!! My schedule these days is sooo hectic that forget writing, I am not able to look at my blog for days. I even stopped shopping for many days. Recently, I went on mini shopping spree for my birthday. I am always on look for budget friendly brands. On off such is blueheaven.com for cosmetics. I have been using this brand’s lipsticks for more than 10 months now. This brand has gained enough of my trust that i did shop more.


This time I bought 2 eye liners, a blush and 6 lipsticks.


Blueheaven.com offers  a wide range of cosmetic and beauty products at affordable prices. They have a long list of lipsticks in 3 ranges, they have face and eye make up also. Their felt tip eyeliner is simply amazing. They also have skin care range – bleaches, facial kits, massage creams and hair removal cream. I have been using Blueheaven.com haldi- chandan massage cream for the last 6 months and i love it. Moreover, the Blueheaven.com is entirely husband friendly. That is…it comes in budget and won’t give your husband a heart attack.

For all this stuff the bill was 1000/-. I have used lipsticks already and will review soon. They are decently priced and of good quality. Kajal is also lovely. I am  sure, I am going to try many more products from the same brand.

Only problem might be getting a proper understanding of colors for any makeup product.  Buying cosmetics online has this biggg draw back. As there were not much reviews on these products, I just guessed their true colors. Most of them turned out fine.

Stay tuned for the upcoming reviews.

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Hotel Willow Hill, Ooty

Ooty left me with some very wonderful memories. This hotel willow hill is part of it. When i was browsing through all the hotels, this one got my attention instantly.   It looked like those hotels which I used to see in old movies shot on hill stations.  Seeing that even reviews were good, I opted for it.

willow hill

My experience with the willow hill, Ooty-

willow hillwillow hill

We faced some problem in reaching the hotel as it was in some distant location and our driver was unaware of it. We could reach with help of the staff. We were surprised to find one telugu speaking person in the staff who was very helpful throughout our stay. The staff also helped us in getting a bike for rent and one person even gave me his helmet for 3 days.

The hotel rooms were built in the cabin style with wood covering normal cement walls. That gave me a very good cozy feel.  The interiors were also matchy with the English cabin theme with dim lighting and high cushion chairs.

willow hill

The room had a  huge glass window with  a garden and valley view.  We used to see staring out of the window drinking steamy coffee and talking about all the rubbish in the world for hours. The bathroom was also big enough to have a good time bathing.

They have a big, pretty garden which was in bloom when we visited. There was also a small children’s play area which we used shamelessly.

willow hillwillow hill

As it is in south India and we too only eat south Indian food, we liked the food. We had plenty of coffee. Actually we were forced to, because of the temperature.

So, as a whole I loveeeee this hotel and i have recommended this to many already.


My rating for The willow hill, Ooty is….

Location               4.7/5,

Amenities             4/5,

Service quality      4/5,

Cleanliness           4.5/5,

Food                   4/5,

Overall               4.5/5

Stay tuned for next reviews and posts.

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A day out to Golkonda Fort

Helloo friends!! This in another proof to say I am too lazy. I started this series  with intention of writing at least one post a month and see now I literally forgot about it. However I  got a sudden impulse to make another post. This time I am going to write about the day out to Golkonda fort.

Golkona fort

The entrance with heavy doors
The entrance with heavy doors

Golkona fort

The official venue for flag hoisting on August 15 ( Independence day ) has been shifted from parade ground to Golkonda fort last year … and why not? Golkonda fort stands as a symbol of  Telangana history, power and prosperity.

Golkona fortGolkona fort

A hall
A hall
Rani Mahal Light and sound show happens here
 Open court
Light and sound show happens here
Some stone ruins
Some stone ruins
The never ending stone steps
The never ending stone steps
Don't ask me, what was I looking at
Don’t ask me, what was I looking at

The 800 year old fort stood watching the change of powers, withstood many battles and represents engineering marvels of earlier brains.

Golkona fort

City and fort view from the top
City and fort view from the top

Golkona fort

Baradari, top most place
Baradari, top most place

Earlier when I visited as a child the fort was in some distance to the city. Now with expansion of city, it became part of it. It is surrounded by a huge rock wall which protects an area with a 10 km circumference.

Golkonda name was derived from It was first built as a mud fort by Kakathiya dynasty. ( To read about other wonderful works by Kakathiya dynasty, read Ramappa ) .  

Later it was occupied by Bahmani dynasty and from them to Qutubshahi dynasty. The later developed the once simple mud fort to a massive fort with architectural wonders. The acoustic works are especially astounding. The fort is built in  such a way that sound made at a specific point near the entrance (lowest point of fort) reaches the highest point of the fort (Bala hisar pavilion). The mechanism is supposedly  made to warn the royal family in situations of threat.

I don’t want to write about the entire history and architecture for it would take up 2-3 posts. One thing worth mentioning is its relation with few world famous diamonds. The Golkonda fort used to harbor some famous diamonds found in Andhra pradesh. These include Koh-i-noor and Hope diamonds.

We spent some 4-5 hrs at this place. Climbing all the stairs took a lot of time, later we took some rest at the baradari. There is a mini canteen where you can get some drinks.

There will be a sound and light show which is enjoyable.


It is advisable to go only on some less sunny day.

Best to carry water bottles with you.

It will be very difficult if you take  small kids or very old people with you. The stairs are made with rock and it’s troublesome to climb them. Include Sound & light show in your plan.


9:00 -5:30 daily, Entry- Rs 5/- for Indians, Rs 100/- for foreigners.

Visiting time- 3-4hrs

Sound & light show: 1st Show English (All Days) 2nd Show in Telugu on Monday, Wednesday & Friday, and Hindi on Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday & Sunday. Show Timings: (Nov to Feb) 1st Show 6:30pm 2nd Show 7.45pm (Mar to Oct) 1st Show 7:00pm 2nd Show 8.15pm

Fee: Ranges from 80rs to 140rs.

If you see  itineraries of Hyderabad from any travel companies , you will find Golkonda Fort as the first place in a day.

I hope this is helpful, Don’t forget to visit this place on your trip to Hyderabad.


Lemme stay here forever: Papikkondalu trip, Day 2

I still feel very bad  that our Papikondalu trip lasted for only 2 days. It was such a relaxing and refreshing one that I seriously thought of settling down there as a Doctor treating the tribes. All those altruistic thoughts made me elated for quite some time when my husband explained other things like ‘No emergency services, no theaters, no restaurants, no internet, no online shopping’. Last thing worked wonderfully and pushed me back to the ground.

The second day of our Papikondalu trip started early for two reasons. One, I can not wait outside the toilets, so I wanted to be the early bird. Two, we were going for a forest walk and water sports in some canal that day. We finished our breakfasts early and started heading the way the guy at the accommodation showed. He said ‘walk for few minutes and you will find a board showing the place’. The few mins turned to be 35 mins. We walked slowly ahead of everyone, contemplating the possibilities of others beating us up if we get lost.( As everyone else was following us not knowing the fact that we were clueless).

 Walk through the fields
Walk through the fields

Papikondalu tripWe walked through a small tribal village where surprisingly every home(or rather hut) has TATA Sky and solar panels. All the small street lights were solar powered. We spoke to a small kid who told us that they have power supply 24/7.

Papikondalu tripPapikondalu trip

The farming techniques and practices were also slightly different. The path went along a small canal from the main river Godavari, but mostly the  was not accessible. The path finally led to a place which where the bank was wide and the depth of the water was less.

We were the first so we had a chance to click personal pics and we could chose one wonderful place to take bath. We spent some 3hrs in water. We went back in wet clothes. By the time of lunch we had to pack and leave. We got ready and clicked some super crazy pictures. We started by 1 in the afternoon in the blazing sun. The return journey was pleasant as the earlier one. We reached Bhadrachalam by 6 in the evening.

This pose I named as ‘Oh.. Priya priya pose’.( A famous song from one of the most romantic movies in Telugu.

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4 Coconut oil home remedies


Hello friendsss!! Hope you are enjoying a fun filled weekend.

It has been many days since I wrote  any D.I.Y post and my friends started asking for one.

So here are the 4 coconut oil home remedies for healthy and glowing hair. Coconut oil is kind of a boon to hair. If you have no time for any beauty recipe or even if you don’t have patience enough for those things, a simple coconut oil can help you with good hair.

  1. Hair fall

    Mix 2 tsp of coconut oil with 2tsp honey. Apply this to scalp and wait for an hour. Shampoo thoroughly after an hour.

  2. Pack for hair fall

    To coconut oil, add Olive oil. Also add 2tsp curd and a tsp honey. Apply this to scalp and wait for an hour before washing it off.

  3. Dandruff

    Take some coconut oil in a bowl and add few neem leaves. Heat them till the leaves become slightly dark. Apply this mixture to scalp regularly. You can find other home remedies with Neem here .

  4. Dandruff 2

    To 3tsp of coconut oil, add a tsp  lemon juice. Apply this to scalp. Use it once in 15 days. Over using this method might dry the hair.

Hope you find these tips helpful.

I have written a post with multiple hair packs, which you can find here.

Outfit: Red Lips

Some outfits are built around a single piece.. This was one of those. The main piece was obviously the cute  ‘red lips’ purse. I bought  this 2 yrs back and have been using this in multiple ways. This outfit was a simple one which I chose for an afternoon’s  stroll in Ooty.

Red lipsRed lipsRed lipsRed lips

The afternoon was warm and not too sunny. So, I chose this light dress and shoes. These earrings are very quirky and I simply love them.

Outfit Details:

Red lips purse:                   Dresslink.com

Blue skirt   and crop top : Online

Evil eye Ear cuffs            : Crunchy fashion.

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May 2016 Fab bag

Hi friends!! Waiting for Fab bag has become a routine for me. I have no idea why they are taking so much time to send. It is arriving only after 15th of each month.
The theme for this is “The Summer Escapade”


I simply adore the bright green bag, I started using it as a pen’s pouch now.
I got 4 products..

Nyassa Tea Tree Face Wash
( Rs400 /- for 145ml)

The Nature’s Co White tea Night cream
( Rals895/- for 50ml)

Seasoul Dual eyeshadow palette – SS8
( Full size Rs 900/-)

Inveda Sunscreen Cream Gel SPF 30 (Rs 225 for 75months)

The face wash might be very useful for me, for my night duty days or for trips.
The Seasoul palette I got is of almost nude one, which I already have many palettes.
I really doubt using night cream.
I have many tubes of sunscreen lotion but as this is very light in texture, I might like it.

Stay tuned for more posts…

The Orbis, Coimbatore

The Orbis, Coimbatore is one of the best budget hotels I ever stayed in.

I usually do not prefer staying at commercial ‘hotel’ type of hotels, I prefer resorts or ‘home stays’ but my husband likes proper hotel type hotels.
That was the reason we selected the Orbis, Coimbatore.

The Orbis, Coimbatore

My experience with The Orbis, Coimbatore
The hotel is located on main road just 10 min away from ‘The Coimbatore airport’ .The first thing that you notice is the infinite circles in the interior and exterior design.

The Orbis, Coimbatore In the lounge  the fine  chandelier attracted me. The staff was friendly. Our  cozy room  in first floor had more circles.

The Orbis, CoimbatoreThe Orbis, Coimbatore

The circles....
The circles….
The wardrobe
The wardrobe
The bathroom
The bathroom


It was simple,white, squeaky clean and has a soothing quality. It has all the necessities that you would expect an average hotel room to have.  The most wonderful thing in the room is the bathroom with glass walls and in-built speakers. It was comparatively small in size but the glass walls made it look larger. Probably it was designed for people who don’t want to miss the serials even for few minutes.

I could  comfortably fit in the  huge wardrobe.

We had only breakfast buffet there and the food was reasonably good.

My rating for The Orbis, Coimbatore

Location- 4/5

Amenities- 4.5/5

Staff       – 3.5/5

Food     – 4/5

For more reviews stay tuned….

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Roses, Roses and roses..Rose garden, Ooty

“And the rose itself has got perfume which on earth is not”

These quotes are randomly spread everywhere in the rose garden, ooty and make you occupied with thoughts of roses, roses and only roses.
Rose garden, Ooty is one of the famous tourist spots in Ooty. It is maintained by Horticultural department.

Rose garden, Ooty

From entrance
From entrance
Butterfly came for roses
Butterfly came for roses
Just sit and Chillll
Just sit and Chillll

Rose garden, Ooty

let's have some fun
let’s have some fun
Yes, it is a rose
Yes, it is a rose

More than the roses, I was amused by the location. It is on one cliff with altitude of 2.2km overlooking the light grey clouds trying to kiss those tall tress and a petty town.

Rose garden, Ooty

I have no words for this scene
I have no words for this scene

Present day Rose garden, Ooty harbors 20,000 varieties of roses.
There are roses in every imaginable size , color and names too. Some were almost half my head. The person(s) who chose names for different species might be very creative, some very eccentric kind of names were seen.
The names like ‘Jayalalitha’ were really surprising.

Rose garden, OotyRose garden, OotyRose garden, OotyRose garden, OotyRose garden, OotyRose garden, Ooty

Rose garden, OotyDeep red, peachy pink ones are my favorite.
I have seen pics of Ooty flower show during which the roses are decorated in very adorable shapes.
You can spend some time here just chilling. When I say chilling, I meant literally..
A slow walk through the near crescent shaped garden is very relaxing.
Entrance fee- 20rs
Timings – 8:30 am to 6:00 pm.
All days of week.
Visit duration : 30mins to 90 mins
Depends on your love for nature. I spent about 2 hrs.
Flower shows happen during spring and summer.

Stay tuned for more posts from Ooty.
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April, 2016 Fab bag.

Hello guys!!!

My prolonged absence is the result of a vacation and later unfortunate hacking of my blog.

It took me days to sort out the problem and get back to you…terribly missed writing.

Earlier I used to get Fab bags by the end of first week, but this time I don’t know what happened, I got my April, 2016 Fab bag only on 16th of April. I must re think about my future subscriptions. April month’s fababag is ” It’s a spring thing” bag.

It has five products in it, 3 beauty, 1 makeup and 1 jewellery.

These are the things I got in April 2016 Fab bag…

wp-1461128875799.jpegVantiv Energisng shampoo Full size- Rs 187/- for 250ml

wp-1461128900966.jpegSoul tree aloe & Rose waterwith skin toning licorice cleanser  30ml (Rs 295/ 120ml),

03+ Skin whitening mask  10gm (Rs 775/50gm)

april 2016 Fabbag
april 2016 Fab bag,

Catrice long lasting eye pencil Waterproof 020 The wolrd’s greyest- Full size Rs330/-

Style Fiesta (Full size: Rs 499/-) . Honestly, I am not able to understand what type of jewellery piece this is.. It is y shaped and lacks any hooks on one arm.


I am really not that happy with April 2016 Fab bag. No product excited me as such…

I will try to be more frequent from now on wards.

Stay tuned…