Latest love: Skirt with kurthi

Hello, my pretty friends!!!!!!


skirt with kurthi
From faaa…ar, i like this background.

skirt with kurthi

selfie with hubbie..
selfie with hubbie..
I was looking at something..but can not recall what it was
I was looking at something..but can not recall what it was….
Aaa..nd the selfieeee...
Aaa..nd the selfieeee…

The combination of skirt with kurthi rocked last year. I searched for a proper set of skirt with kurthi to suit me but was not able to find anything which would satisfy me.
I bought this skirt online through Amazon. It was fine when I saw it on the site. But later when I received it, it looked too loud in colors and print. Somehow I did not return it. Then it was a big task to find a kurthi matching the skirt.
After lot of search, located this top in Yepme. The color combination was born for my skirt.

Completed this look with Golden ethnic earrings, Golden shoes, straw purse.

Skirt – Amazon,

Kurthi- Yepme,

Earrings – Myntra,

Bangles-  Big bazar
Shoes and starw purse – Sarojini nagar market, Delhi.

Night In the Cozy Hut: Papikondalu trip

I suddenly realized, to my dismay,  that the hut has no door.

                 It was just an elevated  bamboo platform from the ground, with bamboo walls and roof; there was a small opening in one wall for entry an exit.

It has infinite clefts or cervices which can allow entry of snake or any other crawling thing. Don’t forget about the leopard threat as we were almost in the forest.

I had never been to any nature trip before our Papikondalu trip. All were a planned, routine, city or ‘tourist places’ trips. So it is not wonder that I shook ‘head to toe’ when I was asked to sleep in the little hut.

Our first day in the Papikondalu trip went well. It was a new experience for everyone of us. When we saw the huts from distance, they looked cute and adorable. When we entered it in the evening, we were too busy playing to notice anything. When we returned after dinner to the huts, they started to look creepy and scary to me.

Huts looked cute and comfy in the evening, like this
Huts looked cute and comfy in the evening, like this
 Dad dozing off at the bonfire in front of the hut
Dad dozing off at the bonfire in front of the hut
Sibling time- Going crazy at the campfire..
Sibling time- Going crazy at the campfire..

The entire floor was occupied by a thin mattress, there was nothing else in the room. there was no fan, only one zero bulb hanging from the roof and no plug point to charge gadgets. There was only one plug point outside the office where there was a heavy Que.

My brother went on stroll around the place and got hold of one bamboo sheet to be used as the door. I was really upset and doubtful on whether I would be able to sleep in the hut. But once I was under the thick sheets, I immediately fell asleep as a result of the day long exertion. The night went happily and left me with a memorable experience.


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March 2016 Fabbag

Hello!! dear ones…
I am slowly coming out of dull phase.  March 2016 Fabbag came to cheer me up. I ordered it at the end of march and got it today.

March 2016 Fabbag

What did I get in March 2016 Fabbag ?
This bag is The “More Power to you” bag.
I got a total of 7 products in this.

March 2016 Fabbag
Most awaited product is the SUGAR- It’s A- Pout Time! Vivid Lipstick -Mad magenta 599/- Full size.
Inveda BB Cream – Matte 140/- for 15 ml.

March 2016 Fabbag
Wella professionals – elements renewing mask 30ml (1075/- for 150 ml)
elements renewing mask 30ml (975 /- for 250 ml )

March 2016 Fabbag
Cuccio Naturale Butter blend duo -price not mentioned.
Clovia Premium Lingerie.

Now eagerly waiting for the April one.

5 Papaya home remedies

photo jar [o]

This post was due a week back, but I was in a mild depression and had hectic work. Went through a brief phase of ‘ Blogger’s block’. Not that I had nothing to write, I was not in mood to write.

Coming back to the post, Papaya is my one of the fav fruits. It is rich in Vit A and Papain which are good for skin.


1.Papaya scrub.

Paste Papaya, add a pinch of rice flour and half spoon honey. This scrub helps the skin in brightening.

2. Papaya acne pack

To a spoonful Papaya paste, add a pinch of basil leaves powder and spoonful raw milk. Apply it to face and wash it in 15 mins.

3. Papaya moisturizing face pack.

To a table spoon Papaya paste, add a spoonful aloe vera paste, half spoon honey. Mix them into a thick paste. Apply and wash it after 10 mins.

4. Papaya skin lightening face pack.

To Papaya paste, add spoonful lemon juice, a pinch of moong dal powder.
After application, wait till it gets completely dry.
Use this twice a week for a lighter and even skin tone.

5. Papaya anti aging face pack.

Break egg, separate egg white. Add it to Papaya paste. Mix well till it becomes even in consistency.
Apply the mixture and wash it after 20 mins.
Use regularly twice a week to reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

Hope you find these helpful..

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Gangaikonda cholapuram: Photo essaay on an ancient and amazing temple.

Gangaikonda cholapuram is an ancient Chola temple located in Tamilnadu which has been recognised as a UNESCO world heritage site as a group of  “Great living Chola temples” . To know more about it, read my article in Safari plus here.

Magnificient temple which catches your eye from the distance.
Tall and heavy sculpture at the entrance
Tall and heavy sculpture at the entrance
The grand Nandi statue
The grand Nandi statue
185ft Vimana
185ft Vimana

Gangaikonda cholapuram

Me eating, see how small I look with the statue behind
Me eating, see how small I look with the statue behind
Sculpture with very intricate craft work
Sculpture with very intricate craft work

Gangaikonda cholapuramentrance from the side

Unknown inscriptions
Unknown inscriptions
Small shrine on side
Small shrine on side
Mandapa on one side
Mandapa on one side

Gangaikonda cholapuramGangaikonda cholapuram

Excavated sulptures
Excavated sculptures

Gangaikonda Cholapuram

From behind
From behind
Gnana Saraswathi Devi
Gnana Saraswathi Devi

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Summer vacation? 10 cool tips to survive

So summer is here and this is the favorite time for  everyone, especially Indians to plan a vacation. But as you know the earth is burning with too much temperature and summer vacation can prove exhausting if proper care is not taken.

1. Destination:

Choosing destination can be tricky. Beaches are fun but at the same time, they are too ‘hot and humid’ to handle.
Places with too many tourist spots can exhaust you in summer. You can consider national parks or hill stations instead.
Hill stations are ‘risk-free’ places. The weather will be pleasant, there are not many strenuous things to do. I am planning one this may.

2. Think about road trips twice.

Road trips are fun but during summer you have to reconsider them. Vehicles like bikes and cars (where the  roof is too close to the people inside) increase the possibility of sun stroke and can turn your summer vacation into a nightmare.

3. Timing

No matter where you are, make sure that you do not wander outdoors between 11 am to 4pm which is the ‘danger zone’. I know it is not possible when you are in a trip, but during this time visit places like museums, zoos so that the exposure is limited.

4. Use proper shield

summer vacation

Dani Jace

Do not ever neglect your self. When you are outside, use proper covering for mouth, nose and ears from hot wind. Hot wind increases the risk of dehydration. Use a hat or an umbrella to give your body protection. Goggles are a must have during summers.

5. Sunscreen

Most of the people neglect this part. Unless you want to end up with a nasty tan after the trip, use required amount of sunscreen to all exposed parts of the body. Re apply it once every 3-4 hrs to ensure that it works.


Street food is always awesome, but in summer when you are prone to dehydration and gastroenteritis, please stay away from the food which is very hot, very oily or which does not appear safe. During the day frequently eat pieces of cucumber and watermelon which help you get enough hydration for body.

7. Hydration

Summer vacation

John Revo Puno

Always carry a bottle with you, no matter where you are going. Who knows you might go exploring an off-beat place where water is not available or water is not safe. If you are too lazy to carry a heavy water bottle, carry a purifying pen empty purifying water bottle. You are more prone to dehydration when you are wandering outside. So, make sure to drink at least 15 glasses of water. Coconut water is a very good companion in summer. In addition to the water volume, it provides mineral supplementation. Drink coconut wherever it is possible.

8.Skin care

Summer can become an enemy to skin, If proper care is not taken. Excessive oil and sweat can cause troublesome irritation, rashes, prickly heat, exacerbation of acne. Change your skin care products to suit this season. Use tissues to wipe sweaty face to avoid acne. Use face packs with aloe vera gel, sandal wood powder to soothe the skin and body.


Choose cotton and linen clothes for the season. Loose fitted clothes give you comfort and flexibility. Remember that dark colors absorb more heat.

10. Medicine

Carry some emergency medication like anti emetics, anti-motility drugs and most importantly few

packets of Oral rehydration powder. If you suspect dehydration and are stuck at some place with limited medical facilities, simply start drinking O.R.S powder mixed with water.


Follow these tips and make your summer vacation memorable.

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TheHLabel – Affordable designer wear

TheHLabel – Affordable designer wear

Hello, friends!!!!!!!! I always feel that there is a significant gap between a common consumer and designer wear. One reason is availability the other reason is the price. TheHlabel is trying to bridge the gap, is a clothing website made with the designs of students of Fashion college “Hamstech”. The idea was to promote those budding designers.When I visited the website I could not believe it as the designs start from around 500 bucks. Seriously designer wear starting at Rs.500.

I was very glad. Though I always wanted to have designer wear it looked ridiculous spending thousands of rupees on simple things just because they have a designer tag. So when I first visited this site, I was pretty excited.

The layout is neat and simple. But I faced some technical issues like one dress appeared to be 0 rs while checking out. I continued to order as I thought it was some promotional offer. Then later realised it to be a technical error. Another problem I faced was with my ordered dress. Two days after ordering it, I got a call that ‘the product’ was out of stock. So I had to select another dress in the same price. With all the process it took >20 days for me to get the package. But it was Okay for me as it was a designer item and I am a patient person.

Another thing I forgot to mention is that I got a Rs.500 as a ‘first purchase discount’ . So I got a pretty dress and an awesome necklace for just Rs.1300.

The package is good and sturdy, the items came in a box labeled with ‘TheHlabel’.




I am satisfied with packing and very happy with products. The dress looks really cute with the bow.

I styled the dress completely black& white.
Necklace – very old one.
Belt,studded hairband-
Pearl sandals

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6 reasons I can never become a full time traveler

photo:Tugba Unsal

1.My patients, my life:

No matter how much I hate my busy scheduling and the work I have to do as a doctor, I love my patients a lot. They are just ‘Kids in adult sizes’. I really can not dream of not being able to meet them.

2.Pathi parameshwar

I do not like traveling alone. There are few reasons for it. Me and my husband travel together. Being a Bharathiya nari how can I leave my husband and travel alone? (please read this last line with the same emotion of ‘chutki bhar sindhoor’ dialogue). My husband can not tag along as he is a cardiac surgeon and would not hear of leaving his job .

3. Sentimental idiot

I may appear very much hard from outside, I still have the mind of that 13 yr old girl who went to hostel with homesickness. I really feel homesick not just for my home also for my culture, food, language and every other thing related to my place. I went on a 22 day trip once by 15th day I developed an intense urge to return home. I really doubt if i can take any trip longer than 15 days, forget about being a ‘full time traveler’.

4.Typical middle class mentality.

Born, brought up in a middle class family, It is extremely difficult for me to even think of leaving a well secured job like this and become a full time traveler and take a risk.

5.Restless mind

I do not know whether it is a boon or curse but since childhood I get bored too easily with anything. I have a fear that if I chose to be a full time traveler, traveling which is a passion for me might become a boring job.

6. My biology, my enemy

I can not tolerate even a slightest disruption in biological functions. My mind starts behaving crazy like anything. Talk about my post trip weakness and need for bed rest, It takes at least -4 days for me to become normal after a two day trip.

Papikondalu trip,day 1

Hello, friends!!!! This is about the first day of our ‘two-day trip’ to Papikondalu. If you missed the introduction post for Papikondalu, find it here. You can start your trip either from Bhadrachalam or Rajamandri. It is almost equal in distance either way. We chose Bhadrachalam as it was near and was in Telangana. So, we reached Bhadrachalam after an 8 hr night journey. We took a small hotel just for freshening up. We were ready by 7 am. We called the trip organizer and he asked us to meet him at a particular place. We were the first to arrive at that place( as it happens most of the times). We had to wait for almost an hour for others to arrive and the vehicle to start.


The vehicle was simply an extended ‘auto’ which took us to a ‘Pochavaram’ village after a two-hour journey. That was the launching station for boats. The system there is very simple and disorganized. All the travel agencies hand over their poor travelers to one man who is in charge of all the boats there. So no matter with whom you booked, you end up in a huge line with others. If you are brilliant enough and know the Que dealing tactics in a country like India, you can get into a boat in few minutes. It was just ‘survival of the fittest’. There is no difference in boats as well, they are filled in ‘first come first basis’ unless AC ones. We opted Non AC as there were much freedom and space.

Breakfast was served in a haphazard way. We begun our journey at around 11:30. The journey was so…pleasent and made us forget everything else.

The boat slowly moves crossing dense jungles, tribal villages and beauty is all around. The only trouble was the blazing sun.

We spotted so many interesting things as the journey takes you to places which are not much civilized. At some point you will be at place where is no other human being(except the ones in the boat).

One hour of the journey takes you to a tribal village called Perantalla palli. A huge, old tamarind tree welcomes you. You can buy some hand made items made of bamboo. They are cute and cheap as well. There is a temple called Ramakrishna muni vatika adjoining a small waterfall where you can spend some time. You can walk into the village to get some scent of the tribal life.

The tamarind tree at perantalla palii
The tamarind tree at perantalla palii


The same Tamrind tree
The same Tamrind tree
Perantalla palii village
Perantalla palii village



They say it is the house of one great warrior Alluri Seetharama raju
They say it is the house of one great warrior Alluri Seetharama raju
One hut and their vehicle in a 'No man's island'
One hut and their vehicle at a ‘No man’s island’
Small colony

The journey starts again after about 30 mins and takes you deep to a place called Papikondalu where the river Godavari has been bordered both sides by hills which make the place look like ‘Papidi’ (partition in the hair). For few minutes, I wasI was sooo exhilarated witnessing the beauty.

We halted at a place called Kolluru where lunch was served and we were going to stay there for the night. Lunch tasted good but the serving was very messy and my parents couldn’t eat.People who opted for one day trip are taken back after lunch.

Huts look like that and I looked like this
Huts look like that and I looked like this
People playing
People playing
Playing and posing in the sand and twilight
Playing and posing in the sand and twilight

Kolluru is a tribal village on the river bank. Going to our accommodation needed almost a km walking in the hot sun and near boiling sand. We were so exhausted by the time we reached our huts that we slept almost immediately. When we woke up it was about five in the evening and we went to explore the surroundings. It was still hot outside and we saw one worker dropping wood outside our huts

We asked him the reason. When he told they were for ‘bonfire’, we almost laughed. Bonfire?we were about to get fried in heat.

He simply smiled and said “Just wait and see”

We played for hours in the sand and realised it was getting cold slowly. People who came in groups were indulged in sand sports like Volleyball. There were two groups of huts, one was near the river bank and was for youngster who come with friends the second was near the village and was for families.

After the dinner, we spent some time near our personal bonfire before sleeping.

There was no mobile signal, no power point for charging,no television and it was still amazing.

If you want to know what was my outfit that day click here

Bye till the next post.


V CareShikakai Paste.

Hi friends!!! I already reviewed V CARE hair growth vitalizer which is one of my favorite hair care products . V care is the brand which is established by a Trichologist . They provide quality hair and skin care products at affordable prices.

Along with V CARE hair growth vitalizer , I also use V care shikakai paste . In childhood I used to wash my hair with shikakai but by the time I entered college  , I found it very messy to use and difficult to wash off . If you don’t apply it properly ,hair will remain greasy . With all these problems , I shifted to shampoo & conditioner regime.. I came to this product when I started searching for a hair wash without parabens or sulphate.When I saw this I was instantly attracted. I was still skeptical but as it was cheap I tried.

V CareShikakai Paste.

Price : 150rs/150gm , 89rs/75gm

Package: It is a simple tube package.

Ingredient list

V CareShikakai Paste.

V CareShikakai Paste.

Texture: It is a dark green colored paste with consistency not too thick or not too runny.

How to use :

Take the needed amount of paste (depends on hair length  ) add double quantity of water and mix well until it lathers.

Massage from the hair root to tip ,leave for 5 mins. You do not need any conditioner for this.

My take on V CareShikakai Paste.

Initially i was very uncomfortable using this as this was kind of extra work. You need to know the exact amount to use ,you need to massage properly for  a clean wash . But i started liking it after the first wash it self . It made my hair look healthy ,shiny and it was soft to touch. I had few incidents when i failed to wash in a proper way and my hair was left greasy.


  • Affordable.
  • Easily available even in towns ( at least in south India)
  • No need of conditioner.
  • Sulphate ,paraben free.
  • Easily usable traditional formula.
  • Results in healthy looking hair.
  • Hair is soft and i love to touch it.
  • Decent travel friendly packing.


  • People might think it messy to use.
  • Sometimes hair is left greasy..
  • Can not control frizz .

Rating   4.25/5.

Will i recommend this

Yes ,yes . I already recommended to many of my friends and nurses in our hospital.

Will I repurchase V CareShikakai Paste?

I already purchased many tubes in the last 2 yrs.

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