4 Oily skin packs for Summer

Hi, friends… so summer is almost here and my super oily skin started producing oil like crazy. I started using ‘summer skin packs ‘ for my skin. I wanted to share few for you.

Oily skin packs

Sandalwood pack:

Sandalwood works miraculously in summers. It helps in soothing the skin and body in the hot summers. The pack is simple just add a spoonful rosewater to a pinch of sandalwood powder. Then apply all over your face and neck. Just relax and wait for 15 mins before washing.

Multhani mitti/fuller’s earth pack

Multhani mitti /fuller’s earth is a boon to oily skin. You can make many kinds of skin packs with it. The simple one I use (almost every day) s adding few drops of lemon water, spoonful honey to fuller’s earth.


It is another simple face pack. Simply apply egg white all your face and tolerate that smell for 15 mins. Using this pack twice weekly helps the skin to control excess oil production.


oily skin packs               fdecomite

Raw milk is another thing to help you. Take a spoonful raw milk and add pinch of turmeric to apply all over face and neck. This will help in preventing infections and acne in summers.


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Get lost in the nature : Papikondalu trip

I believe that everyone might have wondered at least once in a life time about being away from the modern concrete world.

TRip to Papikondalu

It is not as simple as we think , going back to the basic needs, minimalistic life forgetting the comforts and all . Thinking about a life without Internet,attached bathroom or electricity , simply freaks me out . But still We really wanted to experiment A  life without all these.  A short trip to  ‘ Papikondalu ‘ will free your soul from all the restrictions & bonds( though temporarily )  and make it fly like a bird . It is not just sleeping in the lap of nature ,it is about embracing it ,It is about forgetting that you had been running all your life  , you got lost in some competitive game . It is about losing yourself to nature and rediscovering your self . It is like a meditation with all your senses open .

Papikondalu trip
Papikondalu trip

God ,Even writing about the place is giving me a wordless warm feeling.

O.K ,O.K  Coming back to the trip. Papikondalu is  place of river Godavari walled both sides by foresty hills.

It is said to gain its name from their arrangement ,they are arranged in a special way in which River Godavari looks like a partition ( Maang ) between the mountains on each side, which are dark like hair .Maang or partition is called Papidi in  Telugu ,that is from where Papikondalu got its name from.

What is the Papikondalu  trip like….

There are different kinds of trips 1 day ,2 day and with different starting points.
There are many websites which organise the trips either from Bhadrachalam or Rajamandri. When you are starting from either of the above points the people (with whom you booked tour ) will take you by road to the Launch station which are at 40-60kms . From there your launch begins which takes you into deep ‘no other route available ‘ areas of Godavari.
You will travel through Godavari as it passes hills with thick forests on either side which are sparsely inhabited. The place which is called Papikondalu is some 3-4hr away from the starting point. One-day trip ends with lunch after which you are carried back to the original point. In two-day trip , after lunch you are taken to the bamboo huts in a small tribal village called ‘Kolluru’.

We took a two-day trip and had one full day free in that tiny tribal village on the banks of river Godavari.

I am going to write about the trip in detail in future posts.


This one I wore for last year’s trip to Papikondalu.
I used combination of bright red and bright blue ,the stripe top was used as a neutral piece to bring these two bright pieces together.



If you want to know more about the trip I went for with this outfit, press here


Red sheer high low top: online shopping.
Stripes top ,light blue denim: local shopping in karimanagar.
Shades : Vincent chase (prescribed )

Photostory :World’s largest tribal congregation -Sammakka Saralamma Jatara

Hello,  Friends !!!!! As you know I simply love to write about the local culture and festivals of Telangana. I can not ignore the recent ” Sammakka Saralamma Jatara” ‘ I don’t know whether you are aware of the fact or not, But this celebration is considered as the World’s largest tribal congregation and second largest congregation ( in general not tribal ) in India after the Maha Kumbh Mela.

It is celebrated once every 2 yrs. There is a 4-day celebration around Magha shuddha Pournami days at a tiny village  Medaram located in a dense forest. This village which inhabits around 400 people otherwise will accommodate around 10-15 Million during these 4 days. The estimated number of devotees in 2014 was about 15 Million.I have witnessed the buzz  during my medicine days. The road to Medaram during this period is sooo busy that Government announces public holiday to colleges, schools and offices which are in the route.

This festival is to get the blessings of Goddesses Sammakka, Saralamma (Mother and daughter ) who were of tribal origin.

I want to thank my friend Khaja pasha for providing these beautiful snaps.

Tribal dances at the congregation
Tribal dances at the congregation

World's largest tribal congregation

 Daddy ,I can not see anything properly
Daddy, let me  see everything
Oggu dance
Oggu dance

You can see  the same type of dance from my marriage here .

World's largest tribal congregation

The perfect click
The perfect click
Devotees take bath in the Vaagu before visiting Goddeses (canal ).
Devotees take bath in the Vaagu(canal ) before visiting Goddeses.


People ,people everywhere
People ,people everywhere










World's largest tribal congregation and second largest congregation

Do you now believe it is world's largest
Do you now believe it is world’s largest
Possessed by the Goddess. These sightings are very common.
Possessed by the Goddess.
These sightings are very common.
Celebrity visits
Celebrity visits
Police protection at every step
Police protection at every step
Child artists performing on stage
Child artists performing on stage
Gadde (Platform where Goddesses are placed ) in the night
Gadde (Platform where Goddesses are placed ) in the night
Offering Bangaram .Bangaram literally translates into Gold in Telugu. But here jaggery is called Bangaram. There is an interesting procedure of weighing an individual with jaggery and then offering it the Goddess . Here is my friend Kalyani.
Offering Bangaram .Bangaram literally translates into Gold in Telugu. But here jaggery is called Bangaram. There is an interesting procedure of weighing an individual with jaggery and then offering it the Goddess . Here is my friend Kalyani.
People in que
People in Que
No idea what is this
No idea what is this


All ready to please the Goddess
All ready to please the Goddess


World's largest tribal congregation and second largest congregation

Temporary huts
Temporary village built in hours








Unusual Pairing ideas to make ethnic wear look chic modern

If you ask an Indian woman her all time choice, then wearing ethnic outfits is what she would usually prefer over other options available. But, wearing these ethnic wear in the same old and regular manner since such a long time can actually turn out to be as monotonous as eating a same dish in all your meals every day! With changing time and fashion, there has emerged a big need of changing the way we wear our all time favourite traditional outfits. And gradually many modifications are taking place in the fashion world!

Today, the trend has introduced us to a beautiful combination of culottes with a kurti or a straight salwar suit! Culottes are slowly taking over the regular leggings and churidars that women usually wear and are giving an edgy look to the entire ensemble. Apart from culottes, crop tops are also doing a great job in giving a chic stylish appeal. Wearing a crop with a lehenga skirt is running hot in fashion these days and while carrying this look you do not require to put on your dupatta for a better modern look.



Pulling on a modern tunic with an ethnic printed salwar is another style that is becoming popular amongst fashionable women. The trend of mixing western and traditional elements together has become the showstopper today and is receiving a lot of love from women of all age groups! Designer online salwar suits can also give you chic stylish look!


Embroidered blouses were a great hit at some point of time and today that time has come back again! Wearing a beautifully embroidered blouse with a high waist western skirt is what girls are going crazy about! Nobody would have even imagined of putting on a jumpsuit with a traditional touch. But, today’s fashion says that a Lakhnavi sheer kurta can also be worn over a fitted jumpsuit. Go quirky and break all the conventional barriers!




Romance on the road..First collaboration post

It is almost  a year since I started blogging but I never considered doing a collab post . First i should like the other blogger and second I should have something to offer the other blogger ,without really having to change my way of writing .

For this Valentine’s day a fellow travel blogger Chantell Colins from  Adoration 4 adventure wanted to do a series on romance while traveling . I thought this was finally my topic but I was really not sure whether she would like my work or not . I sent her my story with photos . It seems she liked it and it was not really an exciting story ,it was very simple one but it was a fond memory . I am pretty excited about the first ever collaboration . Looking forward  to do more..

Here is the link to the post.

Romance on the road: Collection of romantic travel stories

Thanks Chantell for liking and publishing my story.

Night in the cozy hut: Paikpndalu trip

I suddenly realized to my panic that the hut has no door.

The floor is a foot above the sand and has multiple possible openings for snakes or any crawling things to enter. No, I couldn’t sleep there, but I did.

Our stay place in our Paikonadalu trip’s night stay hut looked entirely different, by the time we came back after our “sand plays “. From outside you can see that they look like small cottages, but from inside, the huts looked sooo open, Sooo risky to spend a night in. We were 5 members and were given 2 huts . Those were nothing like I imagined them , they were elevated from the ground and had only one room. The entire floor was occupied by a thin mattress ,there was no fan ,a single zero bulb hanging from the bamboo roof and there was no door, just an opening to enter or exit. It was literally looking like a bed with four walls and roof.

Huts looked cute and comfy in the evening, like this
Huts looked cute and comfy in the evening, like this
 Dad dozing off at the bonfire in front of the hut
Dad dozing off at the bonfire in front of the hut
Sibling time- Going crazy at the campfire..
Sibling time- Going crazy at the campfire..

There was no power(plug)  point anywhere in the room. Only one extension box of power points near the office where everyone was in Que to charge their respective gadgets.
As it was very cold outside we spent some two-hour at the bonfire. My brother went for a stroll and caught hold of one ‘bamboo sheet’ to use as a door as I was very apprehensive for sleeping there without a door.

As I told you in my previous post, the beauty of the Papikondalu trip lies in our close association with nature. I never went for trekking or camping in the past. So, I had that understandable discomfort feeling there.
Once I was under the thick sheets, I immediately fell asleep.
It was a very new experience for me. It left me with a wish to go for some nature trips very often.

If you have not read my post on Day1 of Papikondalu trip, read here.

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4 Step home pedicure for winter to summer feet.

Hello beauties !!!!!!!  My skin is struggling to survive the winters . My busy schedule ( with frequent changes ) makes me forget by oil bath on few days & i do not remember to apply lotion until I spot dry feet .(By that time I will already be in Hospital ).

Now the seson is in changing mode and I am experiencing both dry , dull  skin along with tan.

So i have been following this 4 step  pedicure regimen whenever i get time ( at least once a week ) to protect my neglected feet. This is very simple and with basic ingredients.




Soak foot in lukewarm water with 1 tsp honey and baking soda.Soak for 20 mins ,this will ease your pains , will remove odors and dirt.


Massage with mixture of 3tsp rice flour, ,1tsp apple cider vinegar,1/2 tsp honey.Massage for 5 mins.


Make a mixture of 1tsp curd with 1tsp tomato juice .If this is too runny to apply on feet you can add besan.


Apply olive oil + lemon juice/sesame oil to feet wear socks and sleep .

And ta da…


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Pride of Hyderabad -Charminar

hi dearies !!!!!!I am back with the post in the ‘Amazing Hyderabad ‘ series. The very first thing I am going to talk about is obviously ‘The Charminar ‘. The reason i said ‘obviously ‘ is that Charminar is the most famous spot in Hyderabad. In childhood whenever we got a question like ‘Write about the torist places in  Hyderabad ‘ ,the list would start with Charminar . In many Telugu pictures if they want to show that any actor arrived at Hyderabad ,they would show Charminar ( symbolism ) ; Forget that ,even if you Google ‘Hyderabad ‘ ,the first page picture is of ‘Charminar’.

So I think it is appropriate to start the list with it.


Charminar literally means ‘Four towers’ ( Char =4 ,Minar =towers )



Charminar was constructed in 16 th century by Mohammad Kuli Kutubshah. ( You can read his love story  & story of Hyderabad here ) . There are various theories circulating as of why it was built .Mostly accepted theory says that Charminar was built at the center of the city, to commemorate the eradication of plague”, a deadly disease which was wide spread at that time . Another theory says that it was built to celebrate the Second Islamic millennium year.


Architecture and Structure


It is of Indo-Islamic architecture style, incorporating Persian architectural elements. The main part of the structure is square with of 20 mtr height with 4 towers,each of 56mtr at each corner. The central structure has a small water body with a fountain.

The towers have steps (It is very much  strenuous to mount those steps  ,it is an extremely  dark,cozy and tight place . If one misses a step ,you can not imagine how much damage that can cause. )

The minars and the interiors at many places offer a visual feast with delicate ,fine carvings . I really advice you to visit at sunset as you can get a spectacular view of sunset over the old city of Hyderabad.













How to reach

Being a metro city ,Hyderabad offers many means of transportation . I am planning to dedicate one entire post for this in future.

 Never understood why people do this
Never understood why people do this


9 am t0 5:30 pm,Open on all days of week.

entrance fee

For Indians a nominal fee of 5rs.

Busy Old city from the top of Charminar
Temple on the lap of Charminar
Temple on the lap of Charminar

Things to do

Mecca masjid from charminar
  •  Visit Charminar and enjoy the beauty ,which takes around 1 to 1 and half hr.
  •  Visit Mecca musjid ,which is just few steps away.
  • Shop : Charminar is one of the prominent street shopping areas of Hyderabad. You can find jewellery ,clothes,bags and much more.
  • Pearls : Remember Hyderabad is known as pearl city . You can find many Jewellery shops around Charminar, some of them are exclusive for pearls.
  • Food  : Street food is very tasty here. In Ramdhan month ,you can find many Haleem stalls . You can also find famous Osmania and Nilofer biscuits (cookies) in bakeries around Charminar.
    Street shopping
    Street shopping








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The Hanging bridge – LAKNAVARAM



The story of Sankranthi ,part 2

Hello friend….When we talk about festivals ,we have never ending stories .I myself can write a small book on each festival.

I am trying to suppress my enthusiasm and  condense my story in these two parts. There are many things which bring the uniqueness to Sankranthi .As i already talked you about Muggulu and Gobbemma I will move on to other things like..


Bhogi manta


Bhogi manta is the bonfire on the day of Bhogi . This tradition started most probably as an effort to fight the freezing temperatures. Another thing People do is to  burn old ,useless things in the bonfire. Sometimes children who want their parents to buy new things for them ,burn their old things before parents notice them .

Bhogi pallu

My friend's niece
My friend’s niece
plate with Bhogi pallu
plate with Bhogi pallu

It is a tradition of blessing children in a small celebration . All the children from the houses nearby are invited .They have to sit tightly together while we pour a mixture of small coins,Jujube (fruits),flower petals on them .Later they are given viands .Children have attend the same thing at every house in the community . Small kids get to eat many fruits while older kids like to pick up coins.I remember carrying a bag with me in childhood to carry  viands back home.

Hari dasu


Hari dasu is an exquisitely dressed man who comes to every house while singing traditional songs . Women donate some rice to him to get his blessings .It is a profession but i do not remember when was the last time I have seen one.




As i told you Sankranthi is a festival of showing gratitude to Gods ,people as well as animals . How can you forget the most important friend of a farmer ,an Ox. Remember ,before the age of vehicles they used to help a lot in the field .

So during this time ,they are decorated with bunch of clothes,garlands and are called “Gangireddu” .

There is a profession in which people live with the help of Gangireddu . They can play piper and a small hand held drum.They take the decorated Ox to rich houses .They train the animals to perform small tricks like wishing ,dancing in small steps. Pleased landlords give them grain and clothes. This profession is also in the verge of extinction ,mostly because of  modernization.




Sankranthi is a season of betting. This is usually seen in Andhra pradesh . Bettings  involve animals ( Cock fights) which made them illegal . In spite of law ,these things are still going on and crore of money change hands . Sadly politicians and film actors also involved. Here the bettings are taken so seriously that even families are left broken ,and battles happened . ( Battle of Palanadu,for example ).

The roosters used for cock fights are considered very prestigious , the owners spend lakhs of rupees on them . They are fed with costly food,dry fruits daily.

Some more muggulu…..


If you missed the first post here is the link..

The Story of Sankranthi ,part 1

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