Street style store : A detailed review

Hello friends!!!!!!! I do not know whether it comes for you or not , my FB page is full with advertisements of  Street style store . It is very hard ( especially for me) to resist those cute sandals in those pictures but i really doubted the website’s validity .They have some amazing offers for footwear like 999rs/3 ,999rs/2 ,1199rs/2;believe me they are amazing . When i searched for reviews nothing in proper was available. I tried to stop myself from buying but the ‘Cash On Delivery ‘ option has made me lose my will . I thought there was nothing to lose . Since then i have made more than 6 purchases over 6 months , i finally think myself to be capable of writing some review on the site .

street style store
                                                                                                      The top i got,it is lovely

WEB SITE Design of street style store:

It is very simple one. There are only two levels of filters. Like 1. Clothing»» tops/dresses. You can not find many filters or sorting options like you see in other e-commerce stores.
Range The site offers footwear, clothing, bags.

Foot wear

is kind of ‘wide range’ of all categories. Around 100 pretty pieces are available.


Floral shoes 899
                                                                                  Floral shoes 899


sandals 999/3
                                                                                                               sandals 999/3
My favorite of all
                                                                                                              My favorite of all

Clothing :

Earlier it used to have some 50-100 items, some how only 20-30 available now.The number changes frequently .Most of it is western wear but some fusion and Indian wear is also available.


Around 20. The items are mostly basic, all time ‘must have’s
All the items actually give me the impression of Asian cheap fashion website items (which might be the case here). But most of them especially footwear looks soooo cute that I decided to take risk.

Payment :

Even if this is a ‘ drop ship ‘ of an Asian website the best thing about this is the facility of C.O.D. Though they charge 50/- more for C. O. D, It is still a better option.

Price range :

They are not extremely cheap but still I think the products are decently priced. Some of the shoes are actually low priced.

Delivery :

This is the most distressing thing about the site. If you ever get tempted by the products and want to buy, I advise you to buy with C. O. D. and then forget about it completely.I still have few orders due which were placed some 3 months back. One order placed on 30 June was delivered on 12 September.

Packaging :

It is an average packing. The captions on boxes are cute, but I still prefer my shoes to have some padding and protection when they are traveling.

The standard package from street style store
                                                                                           The standard package from street style store
Don't you agree with that?
                                                                                   Don’t you agree with that?

Products Quality.

I should say it is decent .I bought almost 10 pieces of footwear,3 in clothing and 1 bag and till now  I did not find any manufacturing defects till now . The quality is average and they do not look cheap. They are worth the price paid for them.


There are no cancellations ,either you take the product or return it .

Returns & Refunds

Once i returned the product and after 2 months of the pick up the status changed as ‘product received’ but still no mention about the refund of item  thinking of contacting customer care.


Overall if you have patience enough to wait for months for your orders ,you can happily go ahead with this site. To save yourself from anticipatory heart attack go for C.O.D.

(This is not a paid /sponsored review ,i just wrote to help others)




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MAYBELLINE BABY LIPS Spiced Up Tropical Punch

Foot Scrub for Pretty Feet

8 Tips To Save Your Sweater

Maybelline Clearglow BB Stick


5 days of TELUGU WEDDING : Day 1,part1

India is a country where for every 10kms culture, traditions, lifestyle and language ( accent at least) change. I have always wondered about the amount and frequency of the Diversity found here. Take Marriage, for example, though it has an equal and undeniable significance in every part of of India, the rituals and customs considerably vary.

So, I wanted to dedicate few posts for my typical’ Telugu wedding ‘.  There are always region, caste, subcaste variations. We have important event schedule for 5 days.





The day started early by 6 in the morning. Before bath there was a small program called  KOTLAM in which all the female members of our family do something and sprinkle rice flour on heads of bride and her parents. In Kuladevatha which is the next program all the family Gods and Goddesses are invited for wedding .They are supposed to stay in house until released by another ceremony after marriage.

Mangala snanam resembles “Haldi’ of north Indian wedding ,only thing is this is a secret ceremony for women as the bride will be almost naked (aaaaa). Elderly women massage bride with oil and a specially prepared powder ( made of chana Dal  ,turmeric and few other ingredients) .This is a ceremony meant for bringing glow to the bride’s skin.Then they give oil massage to head and wash hair with soapnut (ritha).But these days everyone is using shampoos.

As I am very shy and adamant girl I did not allow any one to touch me or be with me ,my aunt managed to send everyone back and allowed me to do all the things by myself ;She stood outside the bedroom door and intermittently  shouted some instructions.


Bangle ceremony

These are the green bangles we are supposed to wear for wedding
                                                                                       These are the green bangles we are supposed to wear for wedding

One traditional bangle woman who descended from a bangle seller family is called home .She comes with a huge bangle collection mostly glass bangle (matti gajulu in Telugu ) .After doing some kind of Puja she will her self hand those bangles to me .Literally she will push bangles onto my arms.


                                                   Photos in the upper row belong to bangle ceremony, lower are from Kuladevatha

We are supposed to wear only green bangles made of glass .

Then I need to give  green bangles to all the married female relatives .


   They were mixing rice,turmeric and oil in that huge bowl

During the ceremony there will be preparation of ‘Thalambralu’ .These are the yellow colored rice which bride and groom pour over other in a playful event . The same is used by elders to drop on bride and groom’s head during marriage as a part of blessing them.This is made by mixing turmeric powder and oil to rice.



The day is actually very long that i decided to dedicate two posts as i am getting exhausted.

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8 Tips To Save Your Sweater

8 Tips To Save Your Sweater



Pic Credit :

         Hi guys!! Winter is back and everyone around is getting their warm clothing out. People from other places might have started experiencing it already, but here in hyderabad, winter just is knocking the door.

Sweaters are no more just comfort clothing, they have become the style statements.
These are some tips to take care your awesome sweaters this season.

sweater                                                              Aine

 1.Cleaning :

Do not abuse your sweaters with repeated washing . That will kill it . Prefer dry clean over washing for cleaning it.  It is Ok to wash them just once a month . After every usage you can just dry it in shade.


2.Washing :

If you prefer to wash them at home , hand wash is more advisable than machine wash . Use a mild detergent .I prefer baby shampoo for that purpose.

3.Add  vinegar

Adding apple cider vinegar to the water used for washing helps the sweaters become fluffy and lively .If you are not comfortable with the smell consider fabric conditioner made for wool.


4.Stains :

If you accidentally get stains of any kind remove them immediately .You can use baking soda for this purpose.



Never ,ever hang a sweater . That will make it bigger in size and it might lose its elasticity.


You can occasionally keep it in a fridge. This will prevent pilling and moth infestation.


Pilling is one painful issue we face with woolen clothing .It will make them look dull & old .There are few methods to remove it.

Never pull them which can destroy the fabric.

a) Commercial products: There are few commercial products especially made for de-pilling like sweater comb ,sweater stone and sweater pilling shaver.

b) If you have patience ,you can simply cut them with scissors .This is the cheapest way but this could be dangerous and exhausting.

c ) Pumice stone : You can use the regular pumic stone to gently rub the sweater . Make sure to be gentle.

d)Razor        : You can use regular old shaving razor .Use it as you use it on skin .Make sure the razor is old and not sharp.



Do not forget to place moth -repellents in the wardrobe.


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December 2015 fab bag.

Hi friends!! Fab bag is a kind of addiction as my mind craves for more.

Fab bag
This month also it came by 7th to make me happy.
It came in a heart shaped bag which has slightly imperfect shape. That is OK with me. The theme is Party all night.
These are the products I got this time.

Fab bag

Fab bag
Sugar matte As Hell Crayon Lipstick – Holly Golightly +sharpener – full size (rs 799)

Fab bag
Kronkare The Frizz Kiss cooling Explosion Lipbalm – Full size (rs 95 /10 ml)

Bioderma Sensibio H2O Micelle Solution – 10ml (rs 860/250ml)

Fab bag
Just herbs gotukola Indian ginseng rejuvenating beauty elixir :15ml
Full size 985/- for 12ml  

Fab bag
Lever Ayush Headache Naashak Roll on. 2ml.(rs 199/10ml)

Clovia Premium Lingerie Brief (rs 399).

I had an opportunity to choose one product &the bag design. I chose
Totally I got products that are worth around 2000 bucks.
I am excited to try the lip balm and lip Crayon ;doubtful about the Micelle solution.



NOVEMBER 2015 Fab bag



Maybelline Baby lips SPICED UP SWATCHES


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Goa Dates Outfit 4

At the resort



Hi Guys !! This is the last post of my Goa outfit series . That day we planned a road trip to an unknown place called Tiracol Fort.If you want to read the full story of the journey ,click here-Journey to the less known Tiracol Fort, Goa

The morning was slightly chilly and considering the long road journey I chose a very simple and light outfit . I added a blazer which could be taken off anytime. As i expected it again became sunny and i had to remove my blazer .

I really like neon colors as they have some bright cheering up effect. The neon yellow (bright lemon yellow is my all time favorite. I have many pieces in that color.The blazer went well with the Lip T shirt . The blue necklace complemented the yellow

blazer and matched the T shirt. The yellow gladiator sandals were my favorite.

Outfit details :

Yellow blazer, lip t shirt –
Denim shorts – recycled from old jeans.
Blue necklace – Addons
Yellow gladiator – done by none.

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7 Goa travel tips

7 Goa travel tips

Hello guys , I have been thinking of writing this for sooo long but this is delayed by one thing or the other


Goa travel tips

 Photo Matthew Jackson

 Our marriage was in June , so the honeymoon was also planned then. But unfortunately most of the beach cities have no water activities or sports in monsoon ,that is June -October . We had no option as we wanted  Goa badly. If you do not have any such restriction and want to enjoy Goa completely ,plan your holiday accordingly .


Goa travel tips

Though the simplest and most convenient method is travel by air , I advice you to plan a train journey .It can offer a spectacular view of Dudhsagar Falls ,if you are luckySome trains like Vasco da Gama express, Amaravathi Express pass it . Just inquire whether a train from your place passes it .

You can read the full story of my experience here.


If you are traveling in only male group ,it is OK even if you stay in some budget hostel like  place .But if you have girls in your batch or you are with family ,then you need to be rather careful about the hotel . Majority of gangs reach Goa just to booze . It is always better to be on safe side ,you know !!!! Read reviews before selecting a hotel or resort .Make sure you feel secure enough at the place.

4. Sunscreen

Goa is one of the most hot and humid places i have ever visited . Chances of sun damage are double there .So have heaps of sunscreen bottles with you . Also try to buy some ‘ water resistant’ ones. (for more details on using sunscreen ,read this 10 sunscreen questions answered ).

5. Clothing :

Goa is the only one place in the India  where you can wear anything to every place without the need to face ‘stare’s from everyone. I even traveled in a rural route on bike which was pretty conservative ,but no one gave us odd looks. So you can happily experiment with clothes. ( To know what i chose for Goa trip click these links…GOA DATES :Outfit 1,OUTFIT 2,OUTFIT 3 )


As Goa is a world known destination which welcomes millions from all over the world ,wide range of cuisines are at your service. Especially for non vegetarians it is like a heaven of sea food.


Goa travel tips

Goa is used synonymous to the beach ,but there are many other places in Goa if you have a willingness to explore. I have written posts on that which you can read from the links Places to visit in Goa other than beaches ,Journey to the less known Tiracol Fort- Goa,FORT AGUADA ,GOA.

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Karthika pournami :Dazzling home town

Hello friends!!!!!!!!Day before yesterday was Karthika pournami . That is  the full moon day of the month Karthikamasam.karthika pournami

The day is important for both Lord Shiva and Vishnu .Lord Vishnu killed a rakshas called Jalandhara and Lord Shiva killed Thripurasura on the same day . So it is celebrated for both . I have no personal interest in any of the story or worship ;What i am more interested is the celebration at our home town . I was ( as well as my parents ) born in a small town called Dharmapuri ( current location Telangana)  on the bank of river Godavari. It is a famous pilgrimage site in Telangana and some border districts of Maharashtra. Many of the major festivals are  celebrated very brightly here. (Read about the festival called Bathukamma ,here ) .

For Karthika pournami a place called Koneru (temple’s water tank or reservoir ) is decorated with lamps (diya) everywhere.

It is a site which holds breath for few seconds . I really feel very excited for being able to take part in it many times , though not this time . I just wanted to share few pictures with you.

karthika pournami

karthika pournami

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Tales from the crib : Review

Tales from the Crib

Tales from the Crib

Author: Jennifer Coburn

Genre: Chick Lit, Women’s Fiction

Lucy finds out that she is pregnant at the age of 38 , after so many disastrous previous pregnancies this was a ray of hope . But there is another surprise waiting for her ,  her husband wants a divorce .When he hears about pregnancy ,he comes up with the idea of ‘co-parenting’ ,that is they will live together, he will pay her bills ,they will raise kid together ,but each can have separate lives and they can date anyone they want. While Lucy hates the idea, she has no other(proper) support.

While Lucy is engulfed in to many complications that pregnancy has to offer ,husband starts dating . Later ,the story is all about how they both find lost spark between them and start experimenting with parenting.


My take on Tales from the Crib  :

I got this book for free from amazon through Bookbub. ( You can read the whole article here.)The book at most times very hilarious . Many episodes were ‘laugh out loud’ ones. There are many funny characters. Her self-centered ,vivacious mother, her cousin who married herself , two old typically Jewish aunts ,her husbands ‘perfect girlfriend’ Natalie to offer good humor.

My problem with the book was that  at times ,it was too dramatic ( In my thinking it is too  filmy). Lucy and her husband are brought back together by a tragic accident to him and i saw this in many Telugu films.Most of her problems are solved in way that is ‘too good to be true ‘. I really felt uncomfortable about the ‘quickie’ she has with a random guy during a car wash .(really , inside the car when car is in car wash) . How can a mother of toddler can have something extremely unprotected and dangerous.

Rating for Tales from the Crib : 3.8/5

You can buy the product by clicking the link below ,i will get small commission which will keep me encouraged.

10 sunscreen questions answered

Hello friends!!!!!!These are some regular issues with sunscreen that i thought the answers might be helpful to you


Photo : Alex Liivet

1.Why :

This is a really good question. For answer, I don’t want to go in to medical terms.  It is very much misunderstood that ‘sunscreen’  is just meant to keep tan at bay. Apart from that it protects skin from premature aging, skin cancer and some skin conditions. So, if you are going to stay in sun for > 15mins (even in winter) sunscreen is a must.

2.When :

Sunscreen takes at least 20-30mins to work, so plan accordingly.

3.When in all the regimen :

This is another mistake done by many. Sunscreen needs skin contact to work. Apply your sunscreen as a first layer (after cleansing, toning and before moisturizer, make up). Yes, you need to apply before moisturizer. It is not like if you apply it on the top of everything, it is going to act like a shield.

4.Where :

It is again wrong to apply it only on face. Every sun exposed area needs it. Do not forget top of the ears, upper back, top of the feet.

5.How much :

I have seen many people using sunscreen in less than needed amount. For face you need at least 1andhalf to 2 pea sized amount. For body if only for arms and feet, you will need at least half ounce (15 ml) for bikini you need 1 and half to 2 ounce. Plan it according to your exposed area.

6.  When to re apply

you applied in the morning and forgot about it. Later you will start cursing that bloody sunscreen product you used. If you don’t want this happening to you again, do not forget to re apply once every 3-4hrs.

7.Who :

every one under the sun needs sunscreen unless you have some special skin problem or allergy to any ingredient.

8.What is S. P. F. :

It is a short Form for Sun protection factor. In simple terms it describes the capacity of sunscreen. In country like India, I will advise you to use at least S . P. F. 30 UVA & 2+ UVB protection.

9.Long wear really???

Some famous brands claim ( boast)an extremely long wear sunscreen ,but even if the brand is very famous top brand offering costly sunscreen ,this claim is not true. Any sunscreen needs to be reapplied every  3-4 hrs.

10.Water-proof and sweat proof

I heard from a dermatologist that water and sweat proof really mean that they are relatively resistant to water & sweat ,not complete ‘proof’ . You still need to consider after a dip and wild play under sun.

Hope you find these helpful……

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4 Hair packs

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4 Hair packs

These are 4 Hair packs that will help you get a silky ,healthy smooth hair . Use it at least once every  15 days regularly to get good results. Another advantage is they are completely natural .They do no harm to your hair.

Pack 1

4 Hair packs

Photo credits Chandrika Nair

  • Grate half of coconut , strain the grated product in a cotton cloth ( or whatever you can work with ) .You will get coconut milk.
  • Add spoonful honey to it .
  • Apply the mixture to hair including scalp.
  • Wait for 30 mins then wash hair.
  • This pack has both anti inflammatory and conditioning properties which are effective for dandruff and dull hair.

Pack 2

  • Take one ripe banana and make it into a paste.
  • Add one egg white and a tsp olive oil to it.
  • Apply to hair ,wait for 30mins.
  • Shampoo carefully to completely wash the mixture from hair.

Pack 3

  • Take half cup curd.
  • Add one egg white and 3 tsp lemon juice to it.
  • Apply to scalp and wash after 30 mins .
  • This pack helps with dandruff and makes hair shiny.


4 hair packs

Photo  t-mizo

  • Squeeze four strawberries into a thick paste.
  • Add 2 tsp curd to it .
  • Apply this to hair and wait for 20 mins before washing.
  • This is specially useful for greasy scalp.


Hope you liked the masks and find them useful.

Stay tune for more.




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