4 Home remedies for beautiful elbows


We all take lot of care for face, hands , feet. But elbows are neglected most. Black rough elbows might be problematic, especially for those who spend their time resting elbows on some surface.

Follow these awesome tips for beautiful, soft elbows.

  1. Curd + Almond powder

    Add a half spoon of almond powder to a spoonful curd.

    Make a paste.

    Massage this paste on elbows for 5 mins.

    Leave that mixture on elbows for 10 mins and then wash.


  1. b) Curd + Besan

    You can use besan for the same above plan.

  2. Lemon and sugarhome remedies for itchy scalp

    This is one pretty simple recipe.

    Cut the lemon into half, you need only one half.

    Add some brown sugar ( or whatever sugar you have) to the inside of cut piece.

    Rub this on the rough elbow skin.

    This helps as a scrub to smooth down the skin and also to whiten the skin on elbows.

  3. Turmeric

    Take some raw milk, add a pinch of turmeric to it.

    Apply this to the effected part as a pack and leave for 15 mins.

    Do this regularly for great results.

    b) To a pinch of turmeric, add a pinch of sandalwood powder, spoonful rose water.

    Apply this on elbows and wait for 15 mins before washing.

  4. Massage

    with alovera gel ( You can use a stem directly) or coconut oil daily twice if the problem is worse.

    Hope you find these tips helpful.. Stay tuned for more tips….

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Winter Body scrub

Hello everyone !!  Still in new year hang over ? I have an exam so had to come out . Few of my besties are going to get married in next few months and i decided to do some special series to help them . I am starting with the body scrub.

This is a very basic body scrub which is a very common practice at our place . I used this daily throughout my childhood winters. In fact everyone of my family did.Few more ingredients  To the basic scrub  ,i added few more ingredients to make it special bridal scrub.

body scrub


You need …

Equal amounts of

Besan (Gram flour)      -Acts as a natural soap to cleanse the oil and dirt

Orange peel powder ( You can buy  Banjara’s peel powder or you can make at home by drying orange peel and powdering them )                        – Gives a fresh feeling and helps with body odors.

Turmeric                     – do i need to tell that it gives a natural glow and brightness to the skin ,helps to remove tan.

Rice flour                   – Exfoliates the skin and helps remove tan.


Decide the quantity yourself ,if kept dry this mixture lasts for 2 months.

Procedure :

  • Mix   1 part of olive oil to 3 parts of any other oil ( Any thick oil will do).
  • You can add any essential oil to make it better.
  • Massage gently .
  • Let that settle for  a 10 minutes .
  • Take the above mixture in a small bowl ,add milk or rose water to it.
  • Massage the powder ( take time ).
  • Skip  soap ( except for necessary areas )
  • Wash with lukewarm water.
  • Do this at least twice a week for glowing skin.

I do a besan ,oil massage on daily basis and believe me i use body lotions only  occasionally .It keeps my skin soft and supple.

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Hey beauties , i am really sorry for being sooooo irregular with my posts these days. This is happening in spite of my serious attempts to write regularly.Last week , i was busy in raising my level .Ohhh not in CANDY CRUSH SAGA or anything, but in real life. I successfully shifted my self from 2nd floor to 3rd floor of my hostel. I was busy with my messed up luggage.

I am back with three more d.i.y.s using our age old beauty ingredient turmeric powder.I think INDIANS have been using turmeric for beauty purposes from the beginning of mankind. Every girls mother , grand mother , great grand mother ……….. might have used it at some part of their lives. So, here we have 2 simple d.i.y.s with turmeric.



For people who suffer from rough,dry skin & fine lines.

  • Break one egg & take egg white.
  • Add two drops of olive oil , pinch of turmeric,spoonful rose water to it.
  • Apply the resultant liquidy mixture to face & neck.
  • Let it dry for 15-20 mins.
  • Wash it offff….


For removing dead skin and making skin soft and supple.

  • Take spoonful of honey,spoonful sugar,half a bowl besan ,pinch of turmeric in to a bowl.
  • Mix them into a paste, if necessary add rose water.
  • Massage this paste slowly on body before bath for 10 mins.
  • Take bath.
  • Use this for twice a week for soft skin.


Turmeric is well known for it’s skin lightening properties.This is how u can use it as a scrub for lightening.

  • You will need half a bowl of besan ,quarter bowl of turmeric powder,honey, milk.
  • Make a paste of all these things.
  • massage for 10 mins before taking bath.
  • Use this for twice a week.


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