The story of Sankranthi ,part 2

Hello friend….When we talk about festivals ,we have never ending stories .I myself can write a small book on each festival.

I am trying to suppress my enthusiasm and  condense my story in these two parts. There are many things which bring the uniqueness to Sankranthi .As i already talked you about Muggulu and Gobbemma I will move on to other things like..


Bhogi manta


Bhogi manta is the bonfire on the day of Bhogi . This tradition started most probably as an effort to fight the freezing temperatures. Another thing People do is to  burn old ,useless things in the bonfire. Sometimes children who want their parents to buy new things for them ,burn their old things before parents notice them .

Bhogi pallu

My friend's niece
My friend’s niece
plate with Bhogi pallu
plate with Bhogi pallu

It is a tradition of blessing children in a small celebration . All the children from the houses nearby are invited .They have to sit tightly together while we pour a mixture of small coins,Jujube (fruits),flower petals on them .Later they are given viands .Children have attend the same thing at every house in the community . Small kids get to eat many fruits while older kids like to pick up coins.I remember carrying a bag with me in childhood to carry  viands back home.

Hari dasu


Hari dasu is an exquisitely dressed man who comes to every house while singing traditional songs . Women donate some rice to him to get his blessings .It is a profession but i do not remember when was the last time I have seen one.




As i told you Sankranthi is a festival of showing gratitude to Gods ,people as well as animals . How can you forget the most important friend of a farmer ,an Ox. Remember ,before the age of vehicles they used to help a lot in the field .

So during this time ,they are decorated with bunch of clothes,garlands and are called “Gangireddu” .

There is a profession in which people live with the help of Gangireddu . They can play piper and a small hand held drum.They take the decorated Ox to rich houses .They train the animals to perform small tricks like wishing ,dancing in small steps. Pleased landlords give them grain and clothes. This profession is also in the verge of extinction ,mostly because of  modernization.




Sankranthi is a season of betting. This is usually seen in Andhra pradesh . Bettings  involve animals ( Cock fights) which made them illegal . In spite of law ,these things are still going on and crore of money change hands . Sadly politicians and film actors also involved. Here the bettings are taken so seriously that even families are left broken ,and battles happened . ( Battle of Palanadu,for example ).

The roosters used for cock fights are considered very prestigious , the owners spend lakhs of rupees on them . They are fed with costly food,dry fruits daily.

Some more muggulu…..


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5 days of TELUGU WEDDING : Day 1,part2

5 days of TELUGU WEDDING : Day 1,part1

5 days of Telugu wedding Day 2


5 days of TELUGU WEDDING : Day 1,Part 2

Hi guys !!!!The response to the first post of this series has been amazing and I am really thrilled by it .I got many mails and personal messages as my comments were not working. I have made few corrections ,hope they are working now .

So as i told you we have really very long ,too many rituals because of which i needed 2 parts for the first day itself .So this is the 2nd  part.If you missed the first part you can read it here .

So By the time ‘Thalambralu ‘ preparation was over ,I was left exhausted .In the afternoon there was nothing much to do ,but they were not going to leave me alone . It was time for ‘mehendi’ .We do not have any separate ceremony dedicated to ‘Mehendi’ . But these days people are trying to have ‘Mehendi’ , ‘Sangeeth’ .ceremonies mostly due to their popularity and due to influence of bollywood films &Hindi films. Some of our relatives even asked us whether we were arranging anything . But we did not want it . When we have too many on our own ,why imitate ?

So where was i? OK OK back to my mehendi program. As we do not have anything related to it ,there was no specific time for it .But as my schedule was extremely tight ,the only free afternoon we had to give for that poor mehendi girl who was hanging around for a chance.

By the time I am done with 2hand and 2 feet ( God !!How tiring it is to sit in particular angles for hours ) i was finished leaving few sprains in the body.Then it was time for getting ready for the evening programs.

Receiving gifts is always great.
                                                   Receiving gifts is always great.

Katnala Uruchuttu

As i was telling in the first post some of the rituals are just special to a certain area .One of those kinds is ‘Uru chuttu'(which simply means encircling the village) for our and nearby other villages .It is like a Baarath where the celebrating family encircles the village along with relatives and band .It will be there  for everything like naming ceremony,engagements,marriage (for a single marriage at least 5-7 uruchuttus happen).

So in ‘Katnala uruchuttu’ close relatives of the bride /groom will encircle the village carrying the gifts which were about to be given to the bride/groom’s family .The bride will be waiting for them at her place ( In this case meeee waiting for them to hand over me giftssss!!!!!!!!!Yayyyyyyy!! )

One confession here… I had been dreaming of getting married since the age of 10 ,just and just to receive Gifts. I always used to dream about the day when i am in the middle of a pool of gifts with a scissors in hands.

My look for the night
       My look for the night

Pellikuthuru Uruchuttu

I went to too many houses these were just few
      I went to too many houses these were just few,I look just yaak with exhaustion

As i told you each marriage will have min of 5 uruchuttus. In the night i am taken by foot to circle the village and i am supposed to go into houses of whoever invites..I mean relatives.They will call the bride in, get her some sweet to eat,give her clothes and take some snaps .

I read somewhere that this came from one previous custom of inviting bride to each of relative’s house from 1 month prior to the marriage .Then the relatives used to give her special massage and bath ,traditional feast and clothes. This would make her look healthy and well nourished by the time of marriage. But later like everything else in the world this process also was condensed into a short one .

That night it was 1 am by the time i reached home and slept peacefully .

This is the ending of the first day…I hope i am not boring you with too much info.


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