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Hi Guys !! This is the last post of my Goa outfit series . That day we planned a road trip to an unknown place called Tiracol Fort.If you want to read the full story of the journey ,click here-Journey to the less known Tiracol Fort, Goa

The morning was slightly chilly and considering the long road journey I chose a very simple and light outfit . I added a blazer which could be taken off anytime. As i expected it again became sunny and i had to remove my blazer .

I really like neon colors as they have some bright cheering up effect. The neon yellow (bright lemon yellow is my all time favorite. I have many pieces in that color.The blazer went well with the Lip T shirt . The blue necklace complemented the yellow

blazer and matched the T shirt. The yellow gladiator sandals were my favorite.

Outfit details :

Yellow blazer, lip t shirt – dresslink.com
Denim shorts – recycled from old jeans.
Blue necklace – Addons
Yellow gladiator – done by none.

Hope you like the outfit. If you do please comment and share.
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Places to visit in Goa other than beaches

7 Goa travel tips

7 Goa travel tips

Hello guys , I have been thinking of writing this for sooo long but this is delayed by one thing or the other


Goa travel tips

 Photo Matthew Jackson

 Our marriage was in June , so the honeymoon was also planned then. But unfortunately most of the beach cities have no water activities or sports in monsoon ,that is June -October . We had no option as we wanted  Goa badly. If you do not have any such restriction and want to enjoy Goa completely ,plan your holiday accordingly .


Goa travel tips

Though the simplest and most convenient method is travel by air , I advice you to plan a train journey .It can offer a spectacular view of Dudhsagar Falls ,if you are luckySome trains like Vasco da Gama express, Amaravathi Express pass it . Just inquire whether a train from your place passes it .

You can read the full story of my experience here.


If you are traveling in only male group ,it is OK even if you stay in some budget hostel like  place .But if you have girls in your batch or you are with family ,then you need to be rather careful about the hotel . Majority of gangs reach Goa just to booze . It is always better to be on safe side ,you know !!!! Read reviews before selecting a hotel or resort .Make sure you feel secure enough at the place.

4. Sunscreen

Goa is one of the most hot and humid places i have ever visited . Chances of sun damage are double there .So have heaps of sunscreen bottles with you . Also try to buy some ‘ water resistant’ ones. (for more details on using sunscreen ,read this 10 sunscreen questions answered ).

5. Clothing :

Goa is the only one place in the India  where you can wear anything to every place without the need to face ‘stare’s from everyone. I even traveled in a rural route on bike which was pretty conservative ,but no one gave us odd looks. So you can happily experiment with clothes. ( To know what i chose for Goa trip click these links…GOA DATES :Outfit 1,OUTFIT 2,OUTFIT 3 )


As Goa is a world known destination which welcomes millions from all over the world ,wide range of cuisines are at your service. Especially for non vegetarians it is like a heaven of sea food.


Goa travel tips

Goa is used synonymous to the beach ,but there are many other places in Goa if you have a willingness to explore. I have written posts on that which you can read from the links Places to visit in Goa other than beaches ,Journey to the less known Tiracol Fort- Goa,FORT AGUADA ,GOA.

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Places to visit in Goa other than beaches





9 Places to visit in Goa other than beaches

Hi friends !!!!

It has been more than 10 days since the last post . I have an awful flu , nearly broke my finger and overall stresssed out. I am admitted in the same hospital where i work . Still on bed but determined to complete this post now.

Goa is the term used synonymous with the word Beach . I know many friends have visited Goa multiple times ,but never went anywhere other than beaches . There are some interesting places in Goa which you can write down in a list for your next Goa visit.

1.Fort Aguada

fort aguada

Situated in North Goa ,It is a fort cum lighthouse now divided into 2 parts as Jail. Read the full article about it here .


2.FORT tiracol

tiracol fort

It is located at the mouth of Tiracol river 42 km north of Panaji .Built originally by Marathas ,it was later invaded by Portuguese. It had a chance to witness civil wars,revolts and freedom fight. I had some exciting and exhausting experience with Tiracol fort. Read the complete article here .


vagator fort

our photo at vagator beach

Truly speaking there is hardly any fort . In a place where the fort is supposed to  be located there was only a wall on a hilltop.

. The place is shown in many films ( the one i can recall is the ending scene of ‘ Dil Chahtha Hai’ ) . It offers a good panoramic view but the burden we took was not worth it. Walking up there is like trekking and walking down is super scary where you have small stones slipping under your feet and make you struggle to even stand . I walked down holding my sandals in hands.


4.Basilica of bom jesus

basilica of bom jesus

basilica of bom jesus

With the mortal remains of St. Francis Xavier ,Basilica of bom jesus is a UNESCO World Heritage Site . It is open for public every day and once every 10 years , in December ,the body of St.Xavier is exhibited for public . The event attracts devotees from around the world . The structure of the church is a typical example of baroque architecture in India . Many paintings ( showing life of St.Xavier) and some amazing murals. There is a Bom Jesus Basilica Art Gallery which has paintings of the artist Dom Martin.

Church of St. Francis of Assisi

I look awful here

Church of St. Francis of Assisi

This is just located  opposite to the ‘Basilica of bom jesus ‘ . Compared t the former it is more peaceful and less crowd y .

It has an archaeological museum at hand . the interior of the church holds few floral frescoes . There is also a statue of  Our Lady of Miracles Jaffnapatao .( google her , she has some interesting miracles in her story ).

6.Shri Shantadurga Temple

Shri Shantadurga Temple

Shri Shantadurga Temple


It is located about 30 km from Panjim. The temple is said to be the richest temple of Goa state . This and the mangueshi temple are the only two temples i know to allow women with short dresses into the vicinity . It has a golden idol of the ‘Devi Shantha durga’  .


7.Shri Mangueshi temple.

Shri Mangueshi temple.


Located 21 kms from Panjim this temple has Bhagavan Manguesh who is an avtar of Lord Shiva .  The ancestors of legendary ‘Latha Mangeshker ‘ were from this place . I liked this temple till the time i had a chance to visit the temple’s washrooms .I still get some nauseating feel recalling them.

8.Dona paula

dona paula

The place is located at Panjim .Goa. The place was named after the woman called Dona Paula de Menezes. It has very interesting romantic and scary stories surrounding it .  Search for the story , everyone has one special story. Funny thing is our tour guide invented a modern Romeo -Juliet kind of story with two lovers called Dona and Paula . He showed a white washed statue  ( by by Baroness Yrse Von Leistner) and said it was the picture of Dona and Paula . I believe this story he created as the film Ek Duuje Ke Liye was shot here.

9.Casinos :


I personally dislike casinos very much but i know some people find the places very enjoyable . It is said that each casino there pays about 80-100 crore of income tax . I really wonder about the total income and the share of black money in it.

There are many more interesting places but i stop my list here.

Hope you like the post , if you do ,please share and comment.

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Journey to the less known Tiracol Fort, Goa

A TRAIN to GOA : a sweet surprise

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Maybelline Baby lips SPICED UP SWATCHES




GOA dates :OUTFIT 2

PhotoGrid_1438620239323Hello friends !!!!!!!!! This is another post from my ‘Goa ‘ series and this is the second outfit post ( For first outfit post click here). It was the third day of our trip and also was a busy ‘sight seeing’ day. Our tour plan consisted of few temples ,churches,beaches,monuments and the famous ‘Mandovi cruise ‘ .That meant it was beyond my stamina levels. Moreover , it was Goa in June !!!!!! Heat and humidity were threatening me.


So, i chose this simple, light denim dress which has a chiffon ,flowy lower half . That lovely wide tan belt came with the dress. For footwear , i opted those pretty gold sandals which would allow me to walk happily without hurting my feet.


As i wanted my dress to be the ‘key piece ‘ of the outfit ,i paired with simple ‘owl necklace’ . a ‘deer bracelet ‘ and ‘chariot ring’ which were not overshadowing that dress.

I love those mirror sunglasses . I skipped my bag and dumped everything into the backpack my hubby was carrying.

Of course ,that ‘straw hat ‘ was a must. After all , it was Goa.


Outfit Details

Dress,Belt and bracelet – Dresslink.com

Ring                                  -Shopnineteen.com

Owl necklace                  -Online shopping

Straw hat                          -Goa beach shopping.

Hope you like my post. If you do, please comment and share.

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GOA DATES :Outfit 1



5 Simple Eye makeup steps

Crazy PRE Wedding photoshoot


GOA DATES :Outfit 1


PhotoGrid_1436091473703                              I just realized that it has been so many days since i have done my last outfit post . So here i am with my another outfit post. This is a very simple outfit which wore for our first beach day of Goa. It was early monsoon but the weather of Goa was terrible. It was hot, humid and sickening . Especially in those beaches .

So for my ‘Goa beach date’ , i chose a very simple and light outfit for a comfy & cute look . That day we actually visited and spent time in 4 beaches .

The white top was made of light but not transparent ( it was necessary for top to be ‘non transparent ‘ to save me from embarrassment after dip into the sea.) I really like the ‘bead design ‘ around the neck  and those cute hands.

PhotoGrid_1436976647686I paired it with simple cropped shorts. ( recycled from my old jeans ) As it was a beach and i was in a playful mood , i chose my simple ‘archie flipflops’ .They were adorable but unfortunately i can not find photo now. I completed look with silver bangles and grey crystal studs. One huge black hand bag to hold all the stuff i need in beach.

PhotoGrid_1436976588892                               hair has become like this after an hour of just standing in the beach


Beaded white top & hand bag- Dresslink.com

Denim shorts       -Recycled from my old jeans.

Bangle set             – from Hypercity


Hope you like my outfit.

A TRAIN to GOA : a sweet surprise


Dudhsagar_Falls_Triplet    I always wanted to write about my honeymoon . I am starting that with one of the ‘most memorable train journeys of my life’ . It was a simple journey for first 13 hrs full with food and laughs . I did not expect much from that journey other than that . Then came the surprise ….

At about 10 in the morning our couch attender came to us & asked us to come to the door as there was interesting thing to come in next few mins. We did not give this to much consideration as we thought this to be the usual over enthusiasm of old people. He came back with in 5 mins.

amma ,manchi falls vasthadi ippudu,chala baguntadi . dudhsagar antaru.vacchi chudandi”

( here comes a beautiful water falls called dudhsagar ,please come and see )

The name Dudhsagar succeeded to bring some mobility in my lazy body . I succeeded to drag my hubby along.

As we came to the door , i could see that at every door in every couch people were standing with anticipatory excitement in their faces. ( only we were ignorant ).Only then i spotted it coming …….Dudhsagar ….

As we stood there with awed expression and widely opened mouths , the train moved closer and closer. It actually created an illusion of the train actually traversing the fall . As if to prolong this bliss the train was moving at 10s. We both were very much enchanted by what was in front of our eyes . Water with some foamy character was actually looking like milk . Imagine gallons of milk flowing from some unknown heaven.

The GOA tourism website describes Dudhsagar falls like this.

“The Konkani name for the falls, which literally translated means “sea of milk”, derives from clouds of milky foam which rises up at the bottom of the falls. Dudhsagar is set amidst breathtaking scenery overlooking a steep, crescent-shaped head of a valley carpeted with pristine tropical forest, that is only accessible on foot or by train.”

There is some funny story attached to the name which you can find in that website.

The legend tells the story of this powerful and wealthy king who ruled a kingdom in the Western Ghats. His lavish and opulent palace in the hills was surrounded by vast gardens which were full of deers and gazelles.

The King had a beautiful daughter, who used to enjoy taking a bath during the hot summers, in the picturesque lake near the forest on the edge of the King’s palace grounds. It was her habit to finish her bath and have a jugful of sugared milk in a jug made of pure gold.

One day when she was finishing her usual jug of milk she found herself being watched by a handsome prince standing amongst the trees. Embarassed by her inadequate bathing attire, the resourceful Princess poured the sugared milk in front of her to form an improvised curtain to hide her body, while one of the maids rushed to cover her with a dress.

Thus was the legend born. The sugared milk (dudh) poured down the mountainside and continued to flow in torrents as a tribute to the everlasting virtue and modesty of the Princess of the Ghats. ”

I could not get the information whether all trains going to Goa can have this wonderful moments or not. At least  Vasco da gama express ,Amaravathi express, Goa express ( as per my knowledge ) are blessed.

So, it is my advice to all people thinking of Goa ,to consider train .


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