Shore temple; Mahabalipuram

It is not just the temple, not just the architecture; It is the location, it is the background  music of the tide hitting the rocks, it is the breeze which lifts the spirit, it is the  view of  deep blue water merging with sky at some distant point which make you fall in love with the temple. The shore temple, Mahabalipuram is part of monuments which were recognized by UNESCO as world heritage site.

Shore temple
temple Late afternoon
Me at shore temple. This was in the compound garden outside the temple complex.
Me at shore temple. This was in the compound garden outside the temple complex.
He at the temple, Inside the compound. The one behind had Shiva and the one showing has Vishnu
He at the temple, Inside the compound. The one behind had Shiva and the one showing has Vishnu

This temple was probably used as a landmark for navigation for ships.  I do not want to go into too much  details  of history or  architecture as you can simply find them in Wiki. This is a  three temple complex located on the shore of Bay of Benagal  in Mahabalipuram, making it the shore temple. This shore temple  was built by  Pallava dynasty in 8th century AD.  A pair of temples were on the same platform. The one facing east is the temple of Shiva and behind there is temple of Reclining Vishnu. The temples are pyramidal in shape. Other interesting things are the miniature shrine in the complex and the Monolithic lion. There were numerous Nandi statues on the compound wall.  You don’t need much time to visit the temple but you can enjoy sitting on the rocks behind the temple overlooking sea.

Temple of Lord Shiva
Temple of Lord Shiva

Shore temple

Vishnu in reclining pose which is very uncommon to find in temples.
Vishnu in reclining pose which is very uncommon to find in temples.

You can also spend some time in the beach, but you need to walk a long way to reach the beach which is actually lying next to the temple as they blocked the  direct gates from temple to the beach.

Shore templeMonolithic lion


Shore templeShore temple

The beach had a small shopping area where you can buy some hand made sea shell things. In beach you can enjoy raw mangoes cut and sprinkled with chilli powder and salt, go on a horse ride or just enjoy a bath.

Mahabalipuram hosts dance festivals every year at this temple . There was one when we went but we had to go back to Pondicherry by evening. This  shore temple along with other monuments makes Mahabalipuram an awesome place to visit.

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7 Goa travel tips

Hello guys , I have been thinking of writing this for sooo long but this is delayed by one thing or the other


Goa travel tips

 Photo Matthew Jackson

 Our marriage was in June , so the honeymoon was also planned then. But unfortunately most of the beach cities have no water activities or sports in monsoon ,that is June -October . We had no option as we wanted  Goa badly. If you do not have any such restriction and want to enjoy Goa completely ,plan your holiday accordingly .


Goa travel tips

Though the simplest and most convenient method is travel by air , I advice you to plan a train journey .It can offer a spectacular view of Dudhsagar Falls ,if you are luckySome trains like Vasco da Gama express, Amaravathi Express pass it . Just inquire whether a train from your place passes it .

You can read the full story of my experience here.


If you are traveling in only male group ,it is OK even if you stay in some budget hostel like  place .But if you have girls in your batch or you are with family ,then you need to be rather careful about the hotel . Majority of gangs reach Goa just to booze . It is always better to be on safe side ,you know !!!! Read reviews before selecting a hotel or resort .Make sure you feel secure enough at the place.

4. Sunscreen

Goa is one of the most hot and humid places i have ever visited . Chances of sun damage are double there .So have heaps of sunscreen bottles with you . Also try to buy some ‘ water resistant’ ones. (for more details on using sunscreen ,read this 10 sunscreen questions answered ).

5. Clothing :

Goa is the only one place in the India  where you can wear anything to every place without the need to face ‘stare’s from everyone. I even traveled in a rural route on bike which was pretty conservative ,but no one gave us odd looks. So you can happily experiment with clothes. ( To know what i chose for Goa trip click these links…GOA DATES :Outfit 1,OUTFIT 2,OUTFIT 3 )


As Goa is a world known destination which welcomes millions from all over the world ,wide range of cuisines are at your service. Especially for non vegetarians it is like a heaven of sea food.


Goa travel tips

Goa is used synonymous to the beach ,but there are many other places in Goa if you have a willingness to explore. I have written posts on that which you can read from the links Places to visit in Goa other than beaches ,Journey to the less known Tiracol Fort- Goa,FORT AGUADA ,GOA.

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