Happee Happeee BIRTHDAY


WP_20150624_001        I just want to ask you -what is the most important day of your life??????? I know , a good deal of variation is possible in answer. For me it is THE B..I..R..T..H. DAY. I do not know why i am so maaaad about birthday  it could have begun in schooldays when ‘ birthday baby ‘  was treated like a princess . That could have attached so much significance for birthday in my subconscious mind.

Whatever the reason is each year, I spend my 364 days in anticipation of that one day . I start shopping at least 4 months in advance .

Ohhh …. i have been blabbering ,i forgot to tell you that my birthday is on June 24. I celebrated it 10 days back . And it was ‘ a day well spent’  . I got so many wishes , blessings and especially GIFTS.  I became soooo happeeee that i wanted that i decided to share my happiness with all you people. I am sharing all my gifts with you. I cut two cakes one at home one at hospital.

PhotoGrid_1436102086086 these were given by nurses who work with me (the red ball is a tiny speaker isn’t it cute???)


These lovely chocolates were given to me by a patient .


Hubby gave me all these and many more …..unfortunately i do not have all pics.



And now the most intoxicating thing i got…….PhotoGrid_1436102342862

my friend Sonal gifted this to me .

Not only this  I got two more kurthis gifted by mom , two dresses by in laws .

So tell me , after getting these many gifts how can i control my happiness.

Sooooo bye till next time.

DIL DHADAKNE DO:a very good serial