A ride to remember: Pykara lake, Ooty Photo essay

Hello friends!!! I t has been so soooo exhaustively long, i never expected this would make a month long ‘off blog’ time. Initially it was my hosting company issues later academic pressure  followed by ill health terminated in to severe, oppressive laziness. I  almost choked to death by that laziness.


If you have read few of my old posts, you have an idea that I like to go on bike rides and explore the surrounding places everywhere I go. I found this particular place called “Pykara lake” near Ooty and I had to see it.

One small lake en route
One small lake en route

Like most of the hill stations, to Ooty, you go to enjoy the weather rather than to see any particular tourist spot. Throughout our stay, Ooty experienced rains. It was more of a soft drizzle, the kind of rain that makes wish to stay outdoors to enjoy it. It was softer even for a drizzle, it was as if God is spraying water on Earth with a huge sprayer. That temperature and weather made sure that I never become tired, no matter how much we roamed, hopped and drove.

The Ghat road was bright green, how soothing green color is..


This beautiful hill with fascinating valley view
This beautiful hill with fascinating valley view
The model tribal hut on hill top
The model tribal hut on hill top
Plenty of small bridges...
Plenty of small bridges…
We were lost in forest and found this tiny two storey temple
We were lost in forest and found this tiny two storey temple, God has an awesome view I believe
Inside the forest, plenty of privacy
Inside the forest, plenty of privacy


So a bike journey appeared to be a perfect way to enjoy Ooty. I was not sure whether we would be able to get a bike for rent. So we asked our hotel people and they arranged for not only a bike but also an extra helmet for me.

We started early after breakfast to  The Pykara lake and falls which was located at around 20km from Ooty on Ooty – Mysore road. There are  some other places to visit en route which I will mention in other post.

As we drove lazily and halted at few places, it took us more than two hours to reach this place. Pykara lake and falls are located at two different locations. Pykara lake was in some dense forest. The location was soooo peaceful. The entrance for Pykara lake is 5rs. There is boating option available but we did not go as we thought it was too costly. We drank some fresh carrot juice which was surprisingly tasty. After spending 2 hrs there, we started back. We wanted to come back early as  it would dark early there.

The lake...blue palette
The lake…blue palette


We went to Pykara falls on our way back, but were disappointed find there was no falls, only a very small canal kind of thing.

No falls only Pykara canal
No falls only Pykara canal

Some points to remember if you are planning to visit Pykara lake….

  1. There are no proper instructions or sign boards to guide you.
  2. As it was a forest area it is difficult to get signal, do not much rely on Google maps.
  3. There are no proper restaurants in the vicinity, The near by village has small hotels.
  4. Toilets are at the lake only, it is next to impossible to find them anywhere else.
  5. Ooty can experience rain at any time, it is good if you are prepared.

Hope you enjoyed the post, now I promise to be regular.

Only at Hill stations we get to see Vehicles parked on terraces
Only at Hill stations we get to see Vehicles parked on terraces

A TRAIN to GOA : a sweet surprise


Dudhsagar_Falls_Triplet    I always wanted to write about my honeymoon . I am starting that with one of the ‘most memorable train journeys of my life’ . It was a simple journey for first 13 hrs full with food and laughs . I did not expect much from that journey other than that . Then came the surprise ….

At about 10 in the morning our couch attender came to us & asked us to come to the door as there was interesting thing to come in next few mins. We did not give this to much consideration as we thought this to be the usual over enthusiasm of old people. He came back with in 5 mins.

amma ,manchi falls vasthadi ippudu,chala baguntadi . dudhsagar antaru.vacchi chudandi”

( here comes a beautiful water falls called dudhsagar ,please come and see )

The name Dudhsagar succeeded to bring some mobility in my lazy body . I succeeded to drag my hubby along.

As we came to the door , i could see that at every door in every couch people were standing with anticipatory excitement in their faces. ( only we were ignorant ).Only then i spotted it coming …….Dudhsagar ….

As we stood there with awed expression and widely opened mouths , the train moved closer and closer. It actually created an illusion of the train actually traversing the fall . As if to prolong this bliss the train was moving at 10s. We both were very much enchanted by what was in front of our eyes . Water with some foamy character was actually looking like milk . Imagine gallons of milk flowing from some unknown heaven.

The GOA tourism website describes Dudhsagar falls like this.

“The Konkani name for the falls, which literally translated means “sea of milk”, derives from clouds of milky foam which rises up at the bottom of the falls. Dudhsagar is set amidst breathtaking scenery overlooking a steep, crescent-shaped head of a valley carpeted with pristine tropical forest, that is only accessible on foot or by train.”

There is some funny story attached to the name which you can find in that website.

The legend tells the story of this powerful and wealthy king who ruled a kingdom in the Western Ghats. His lavish and opulent palace in the hills was surrounded by vast gardens which were full of deers and gazelles.

The King had a beautiful daughter, who used to enjoy taking a bath during the hot summers, in the picturesque lake near the forest on the edge of the King’s palace grounds. It was her habit to finish her bath and have a jugful of sugared milk in a jug made of pure gold.

One day when she was finishing her usual jug of milk she found herself being watched by a handsome prince standing amongst the trees. Embarassed by her inadequate bathing attire, the resourceful Princess poured the sugared milk in front of her to form an improvised curtain to hide her body, while one of the maids rushed to cover her with a dress.

Thus was the legend born. The sugared milk (dudh) poured down the mountainside and continued to flow in torrents as a tribute to the everlasting virtue and modesty of the Princess of the Ghats. ”

I could not get the information whether all trains going to Goa can have this wonderful moments or not. At least  Vasco da gama express ,Amaravathi express, Goa express ( as per my knowledge ) are blessed.

So, it is my advice to all people thinking of Goa ,to consider train .


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